Musculoskeletal conditions are highly prevalent within our community, resulting in a high demand for specialist care. These conditions often result in chronic, debilitating pain, which can have a significant impact on both physical and mental wellbeing.

This research brings together health professionals, researchers and community members from the West of Melbourne to tackle the mental and physical health needs of individuals with musculoskeletal conditions.

Working with Western Health, we will design an e-health program that is inclusive, accessible and provides the knowledge and support needed to enhance health and wellbeing of individuals awaiting specialist care.

This research will:

  • further our understanding of the health and wellbeing of individuals awaiting specialist orthopedic assessment
  • design an inclusive, effective and empowering e-health self-management program for and with people awaiting specialist orthopedic care in the West of Melbourne
  • evaluate the e-health self-management program for accessibility, engagement and user-experience
  • educate the community on managing joint pain and mental wellbeing whilst awaiting specialist assessment to reduce the need for surgical intervention.

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