Document request service

The document request service provides Victoria University (VU) staff and eligible students (PhD, professional doctorates, masters by research, and honours students) with material which is not held by the VU Library. This includes books, research reports, theses (where available for loan) as well as copies of journal articles, chapters from books or conference papers required for your research and teaching.

Some items are supplied as loans and others as copies which may be kept. Copies are delivered online, but loans cannot be sent to VU Sydney or outside Australia. Most requests are completed within two weeks.

Before you place a request

If you are looking for a book not available at VU, try CAVAL reciprocal borrowing that allows you to borrow items from other Victorian libraries.

For articles, try the Library Search to locate items from VU Library subscribed databases.

Search for or request an item

  1. If you are VU staff or an eligible student (PhD, professional doctorate, masters by research and honours students), log in to the document request service with your MyVU Portal username and password.
  2. Run an 'Advanced Search' (searching by title) or use the 'Standard Search' for simple keyword search.
    • When searching by title or keyword, use the whole term. The system does not always recognise abbreviations or acronyms.
    • If you are performing an 'Advanced Search', always search by title.
    • If you are searching for a journal article, enter the journal title not the article title.
  3. From the listed results, click on the 'Get it' icon to request the item.
  4. Complete the request form:
    • Select the service - loan (for a book) or copy (for a copy of a book chapter/article/paper).
    • Ensure you have the correct details and enter as much information as possible (for example, article title, page numbers, volume, issue). This will speed up delivery!
    • If you are requesting a copy, you will be prompted to 'accept' or 'reject' the Copyright Notification.

Delivery time

Desktop delivery of electronic journal articles or chapters will normally be within 10 working days. If your item arrives earlier, you will be notified via VU email. Books may take longer depending on the holding institution and if the item is available.

If the item is on loan you will have to wait until it is returned, plus delivery time to VU.

These timelines are for the standard service. The Document Supply team also offer a priority and a rush service – discuss these with them if you require an item urgently.