Mathematical inequalities & applications (RGMIA)

The Research Group in Mathematical Inequalities and Applications consists of academics and researchers from Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. The group was formed in 1998 and was based at Victoria University until 2009.

The RGMIA technical reports and mathematics journals are exchanged with other universities and are housed in the basement of the Footscray Park Campus Library.

About the collection

The RGMIA states it main aims as:

  • disseminate results via publication in electronic form.
  • create an awareness of the theory of inequalities
  • illustrate to a wider audience the applicability of inequalities for problem-solving in the sciences.
  • the promotion of analytical inequalities in Australia and internationally through seminars, conferences, printed media and online. 

The group is lead by Neil Barnett, Pietro Cerone, Silvestru Dragomir (Chair) and Anthony Sofo. The RGMIA has 1300 members worldwide.

The RGMIA Exchange

Soon after its creation RGMIA set to work publishing its own electronic technical report series to assist in the dissemination of research in inequalities and its applications.The VU produced JIPAM and RGMIA titles were subsequently exchanged with other universities for other significant mathematical journals.

In 2011 the Footscray Park Campus Library agreed to store the titles the department had received as part of this exchange with other universities. These journals have high value as research materials for members of the RGMIA. At this stage they will be stored in the basement in the Library and can be accessed on demand.