Hossein is following his passion

His family escaped from Iran when Hossein was 13 years old. He and his dad spent 9 days at sea, a rough passage which nearly sunk the boat. The captain dropped the passengers on an uninhabited island and went back to Indonesia to repair the boat.

They weren’t sure if he’d come back, but thankfully he finally returned and they continued to Australia. 

A new life in Australia

Hossein has always liked computers, ever since he was a boy.

When you think about death, it’s strange. It was a clear possibility that we might die. It’s a weird feeling to know that you might not make it.

In Australia, Hossein realised he wanted to work with computers. He had said to his dad while on the boat to Australia, ‘If we make it, I will make you proud… And my dad reminded me of what I’d promised!’

He studied hard at school and applied for a scholarship with VU.

Once again, our wonderful community stepped in. Hossein was awarded an Asylum Seeker Scholarship and has wasted no time in following his dreams.

An opportunity like this for a refugee, it’s as big as it gets. If I couldn’t study, what would I do? The scholarship frees your mind.

Your support, supports students

With his mind free to study, Hossein has completed a Certificate IV in Cyber Security 22603VIC and is now completing a Bachelor of Information Technology. Through his study, he secured an internship with John Holland last summer and is now working part-time with them as an analyst, while he finishes his degree.

His message for you? When you support a student like Hossein...

You give them a path in life. It’s so important.

You see, when you give even a small amount to support students at VU, they go on to do BIG things.

From all of us here, thank you for being a vital member of our VU family.