Choose to study at one of over 50 partner universities for one or two semesters with our exchange program.

You'll gain credit towards your Victoria University (VU) degree, experience another culture and gain a truly global perspective.

As an outbound exchange student you remain enrolled at Victoria University while studying abroad and continue to pay your usual fees.


Both domestic and international students are able to undertake an exchange program, subject to course requirements.

To be eligible, you must undertake the equivalent of 3 or 4 units (36-48 credit points) and have:

  • achieved a credit average (minimum of 60%); and
  • completed one year of undergraduate study (8 units) by the time you depart; or
  • completed one semester of postgraduate study (4 units) by the time you depart.

Suggested destinations

The Exchange Suggested Destination Guide is a good place to start your research if you are not sure which partner university will offer units to match towards your VU degree. It provides a list of VU partner universities in each study area.
This document should only be used as a guide. It is not comprehensive lists of universities and offerings. Once you have reviewed VU’s partner universities and selected a preferred host, review their unit offerings and book a meeting with your college CUA to complete your study plan.

Credit approval

The units you intend to study overseas must be approved beforehand as they will count towards your VU degree.

For your application you will need to:

Steps to get your study plan approved

  1. Determine which units you may be able to study overseas by looking at the course structure.
  2. Visit your proposed host university’s website and search for the units you wish to study.
    • Check which semester the units are offered in: Fall/Autumn = VU’s Semester 2; Spring = VU’s Semester 1.
    • The terminology may be different: what we call units other universities may call modules, courses, or subjects.
    • Ensure you check the credit point value of the units of your proposed host institution: most VU units are worth 12 credit points, which is equivalent to 3 US credits, 7.5 ECTS or 15 UK credits.
  3. Gather the unit descriptions/syllabus from the host university and complete your overseas study plan. If you cannot find the syllabus information, please email [email protected] and we will get in touch with the partner university on your behalf. Please do not contact them directly.
  4. Have your CUA approve your overseas study plan: this is important to ensure that you will receive credit for your overseas study.

Mia Dunphy, Gajah Mada University, Indonesia.

Apply for semester exchange

Once your overseas study plan is approved by your CUA you are ready to apply to Victoria Abroad.

To apply:

  1. Complete the overseas study plan, signed off by your CUA.
  2. Complete the application for overseas study.
  3. Submit both forms to [email protected] by the relevant application deadline.

Application deadlines

  • Semester 2, 2024: applications due by 23 February 2024.
  • Semester 1, 2025: applications due by 26 July 2024

After applications have closed, Victoria Abroad will assess all applications and will contact you in due course.

If your application is successful, you will receive instructions on how to complete an application for your host university. These vary depending on the destination.

Independent study abroad

In cases where semester exchange is not an option, you may choose to study abroad independently.

Independent study abroad allows you to study one or two semesters at an overseas institution that does not have an exchange agreement with VU.

The differences between exchange and study abroad are:

  • Tuition fees for your study abroad semester are paid directly to the host institution.
  • You can choose to study at a non-partner institution that accepts study abroad students (as long as your CUA agrees that the units you choose are acceptable).

Contact Victoria Abroad to find out more about study abroad. Email [email protected].