Costs & funding

It's important to consider the financial costs of studying overseas. These costs vary depending on the destination and your lifestyle.

Study costs on exchange

Personal costs

Personal costs vary according to your destination, but you will need to budget for:

  • travel costs: airfares and surface travel to and from your study destination
  • accommodation: whether you stay on-campus, in a homestay, or in private accommodation, you will usually need to pay for it
  • living costs: your daily expenses
  • visa and passport fees: you will need a passport and for many study destinations you will require a visa, particularly if you are enrolling as an exchange student
  • study costs: you may require textbooks, online materials, or other study equipment
  • insurance: the University provides some coverage, but you may require additional insurance coverage, particularly if you plan to travel before or after your study.

Funding available

There are a number of ways you can fund your overseas study experience including grants, loans and government scholarships.