Paramedic clinical placements

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Clinical placement is an important part of ambulance training.

Under the supervision of a clinical instructor/qualified staff member, you are progressively introduced to the responsibilities and experiences of the ambulance transport attendant and paramedic.


About your placement

Clinical placements occur in various settings, including the Non-Emergency Patient Transport (NEPT) sector and Ambulance Victoria.

Based on your study level, you will be given the opportunity to engage with patients as a regular paramedic would.

Your shifts could start from 6:00am and go to as late as 12am, not only on Advanced Life Support (ALS) vehicles but also single responder, Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance (MICA) vehicles.

Students will undertake both metropolitan and rural clinical practice placements over the duration of their course.

For further information about clinical practice and placements including the annual clinical calendar, placement guidelines and requirements for attendance visit VU Collaborate: COMM- Paramedicine - Course Communication Space (2015-2018) - COMM-66317.

VU Collaborate space

Login to VU Collaborate then choose COMM- Paramedicine - Course Communication Space (2015-2018) - COMM-66317.

Information you'll find on the VU Collaborate space includes:

  • placement block dates (via the annual clinical calendar)
  • placement guidelines and requirements for attendance

InPlace student placement portal

Using InPlace, enrolled Paramedicine students can:

  • find placement details (details of WIL activities)
  • upload mandatory pre-placement documentation
  • upload supporting documentation (for example medical certificate) for shift absence/s
  • register your shift overtime hours
  • complete your electronic clinical placement log book.

Log in to VU WIL/InPlace

Mandatory pre-placement documentation

You need to meet a number of mandatory industry requirements before the specified due dates before you will be eligible or allocated to attend placement. These will be updated via VU Collaborate each year.

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Paramedicine or HLT51015 – Diploma of Paramedical Science (Ambulance) must successfully complete:


Note there are fees that you will have to pay for the mandatory tests/checks such as the Fit2Work police check, and InjuryNET medical and physical capacity test (including immunisation requirements).

1. Police check

Police Check is a yearly industry and University pre-placement requirement. The police checks must be issued within the current calendar year. You will upload your police check to VU WIL/InPlace each year.

Enter the  Fit2Work police check site and use your Victoria University student email address to login or create an account if you're a new user. 

Further assistance with Fit2work police check

Phone: 1300 525 525


2. Working with children check

Apply for your free volunteer working with children check. Then upload a copy of your card to VU WIL/InPlace.

3. Medical check & physical capacity test

Medical checks and physical capacity checks are an industry requirement for students undertaking a clinical placement with Ambulance Victoria to ensure that students meet the required standards.

A satisfactorily completed medical check is valid for the duration of the course that you are enrolled in.

Any concerns regarding fitness or suitability due to pre-existing or current medical conditions should be addressed to the Clinical Course Leader.

Ambulance Victoria will only accept tests conducted at InjuryNET.

InjuryNET’s Medical Assessments and Services protect the health and wellbeing of current and future employees via identification of health risk factors.

InjuryNET general enquiries:

4. Immunisation requirements

You need to be immunised in order to attend clinical placement. We encourage you to begin your immunisation schedule with your doctor once you receive your course offer.

Refer to Victorian government health for the latest information about vaccination requirements for healthcare workers.

The annual Immunisation Checklist is available via VU Collaborate: COMM- Paramedicine - Course Communication Space (2015-2018) - COMM-66317. Once completed by a medical practitioner, it must be uploaded to VU WIL.

Uniform requirements

You are required to wear and/or carry the prescribed VU student paramedic uniform at all times when on clinical placement at ambulance services and non-emergency patient transport services.

Uniform fittings are conducted at the St Albans Campus upon commencement.

Hip Pocket Workwear and Safety has an online store where you can view the VU paramedic student uniform.  

If you're unable to attend your shift

Ambulance Victoria’s acceptable reasons for a student not being able to attend placement are listed on this page. Provided you supply appropriate supporting documentation, a replacement shift will be granted with the date/time/location at Ambulance Victoria's discretion.

Acceptable reasons:

  • Medical
  • Compassionate
  • Extenuating personal
  • Waiting for medical/physical re-assessment.

As a courtesy students may telephone the Duty Team Manager (DTM) to advise of their absence and then upload a Medical Certificate to InPlace (via the Medical Certificate field) within seven days of the absence.

Contact us

Clinical Placement OfficePhone: +61 3 9919 2708Email:

Clinical Course Leader: Rebecca HouliPhone: +61 3 9919 2450Email:

Head of Program Allied Health: Dr Catherine KamphuisPhone: +61 3 9919 2616Email:

Ambulance Victoria Duty Team ManagerMetro phone: 1300 551 624Rural phone: 1300 113 319.