Work Integrated Learning (WIL) via clinical placement provides students of Paramedicine an opportunity to integrate information and consolidate their practice in delivering health care to patients under the supervision of a suitably qualified paramedic or health care professional.

Victoria University’s (VU) primary non-emergency placement provider is currently the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) and the primary emergency placement provider is Ambulance Victoria (AV).

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Mandatory pre-placement requirements

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Paramedicine at Victoria University are required to complete following mandatory industry and University safe practice requirements before they will be permitted to commence clinical placement. These mandatory requirements must be completed by specific due dates.

Students are required to maintain the currency of these safe practice requirements for the full duration of their course.


Some requirements need to be renewed prior to commencement of the third year of study.

  • infection control – donning and doffing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • mask fit testing
  • Fit2Work police check
  • medical check
  • physical capacity test
  • vaccination/immunisation requirements
  • working with children check


There are additional costs associated with clinical placement including, the purchase of a student clinical placement uniform, all mandatory pre-placement requirements (such as the annual police check, medical and physical report) travel, accommodation, and meals while the student is attending placements.

A valid police check is required upon commencement of the course, and is valid for 3 years to ensure it is valid for the duration of the course.

The police check must be uploaded to VU WIL/InPlace.

To create a check:

  1. Go to the Fit2Work police check site
  2. Enter your Victoria University student email address to login or create an account

For further assistance:

Phone: 1300 525 525
Email: [email protected]

For an international police check:

  • If you have resided in another country for more than 12 months in the last 10 years, you are required to obtain an international police check or complete a Statutory Declaration.
  • If you have lived in several countries you can include them all in the one Statutory Declaration. This form can be downloaded from https://www.justice.vic.gov.au/statdecs
  • If your international police check is written in another language it will need to include an English translation.

Students must hold a valid Working with Children Check for the duration of their course.

A Volunteer check is sufficient and Employee checks are also acceptable.

Apply for your free volunteer Working with Children Check.

A copy of your Working with Children Check must be uploaded with your police check to VU InPlace.  

Completing a medical check and physical capacity check is a requirement for students attending clinical placement with Ambulance Victoria (AV).

This is to ensure students are ‘fit for practice’ and can safely undertake the requirements of the role.

Both the medical report and physical capacity tests are undertaken during the first year of the course and once satisfactorily completed, valid for the 3 years.

Any concerns regarding fitness or suitability due to pre-existing or current medical conditions should be addressed to the Clinical Course Leader.

Medical check and physical capacity test details will be provided to students in year 1.   

You need to be immunised in order to attend clinical placement. We encourage you to begin your immunisation schedule with your doctor once you receive your course offer.

Refer to Victorian government health for the latest information about vaccination requirements for healthcare workers.

COVID-19 Vaccinations

On 10 January 2022, a new Pandemic Order was made requiring Victorian healthcare workers (including healthcare students)  to receive a COVID-19 third dose.

The VU Immunisation Checklist is available via VU Collaborate.

Once completed by a medical practitioner, upload the VU Immunisation Checklist and all required supporting documentation to VU InPlace.

It is a requirement for students to be  fit tested for N95/P2 personal protective equipment prior to the commencement of clinical placements.

Students will be advised when Mask fit testing can be completed.

Students are required to be clean shaven to the extent to achieve an adequate seal of an approved and tested respirator. 

In the situation where a student is unable to/cannot be clean shaven due to religious, cultural or validated medical reason, they must contact the Bachelor of Paramedicine Course Chair.

Donning and doffing of personal protective equipment (PPE)

The correct use of PPE is critical to preventing the spread of infection, including coronavirus.

All students will be trained in donning and doffing PPE requirements during their first year of the course.


All students will have access to the VU WIL (InPlace Student Placement Portal) space via MYVU Portal or once logged in, navigate to http://wil.vu.edu.au/

Using VU WIL, enrolled Paramedicine students can:

  • find placement details
  • upload mandatory pre-placement documentation
  • upload supporting documentation (for example medical certificate) for shift absences
  • register your shift overtime hours
  • complete your electronic clinical placement log book.

Please contact the Work Integrated Learning email below to discuss any troubleshooting issues related to VU WIL.

Email: [email protected]

Log in to InPlace

Uniform requirements

You are required to wear and/or carry the prescribed VU student paramedic uniform at all times when on clinical placement at Ambulance Services and non-emergency patient transport services.

Victoria University's uniform supplier is Hip Pocket Workwear.

Hip Pocket Workwear and Safety has an online store where you can view the VU paramedic student uniform.  

Phone: +61 3 5339 5446
Email: [email protected]

Contact us

Submit your placement enquiry via ASKVU or call the dedicated phone line during operating hours:

Phone: +61 3 9919 2708

Tuesdays to Thursdays

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