Student Mentors are Victoria University (VU) students, employed within the Learning Hubs to offer transition, engagement and academic assistance to other VU students. Student Mentors reflect the diverse student body at VU, coming from a range of disciplines, study levels and cultural backgrounds, as well as from domestic and international cohorts.

Student Mentors are knowledgeable in their area of study and can confidently provide assistance and guidance to other students from the same or similar discipline.

As experienced VU students, they also understand the various VU systems, including the online learning environment, and can help locate a range of information from the student perspective.

Back of student showing 'Ask me' written on shirt; talking to white male and African-Australian students

What we do

Student Mentor Study Help

Student Mentors are regularly available in Learning Hubs to support you with all of your study needs, from using VU systems such as MYVU Portal and VU Collaborate to understanding administrative processes like applying for special consideration or advanced standing.

Student Mentors can also provide a range of transition support, including navigating the virtual and physical campuses and advice on settling into university life. At the start of each semester, you'll likely see us during orientation, working with our colleagues in the student service centre at VUHQ and even popping into your class to say “Hi”.

Whatever your needs, we are here for you so drop in for a chat.

Connect with a Student Mentor

As well as meeting Student Mentors in the Learning Hub, you can now also connect directly with a mentor through our new Vygo platform. Browse mentor profiles and connect with your chosen person. Book online or face to face support sessions, or simply have a text chat.

Scan the QR code on this page or follow the link to join Vygo.

Study Spaces

Study Spaces are welcoming, collaborative spaces providing the opportunity for supported study alongside a mentor and your peers from the same course area.

If you're studying engineering, for example, you can attend an Engineering Study Space and learn from a more experienced engineering student.

Study Spaces are an excellent way to improve your academic study skills specific to your learning needs.

You can arrange a study space with your chosen mentor through the VYGO app.

Meet some of our student mentors


Footscray Park, 2nd year

 headshot of Adam, a student mentor at VU

Bachelors of Sports Management and Youth Work

I absolutely love being a Student Mentor as it gives me the opportunity to work in an amazing team of students and staff that help Victoria University students make the most out of their study experience! We not only help students but I learn so much from other people all the time and I get to meet so many other students who share the same experiences as me. Being a Student Mentor is a fulfilling and extremely rewarding every step of the way.


Footscray Park

 headshot of Joy, a student mentor at VU

Bachelors of Psychological Studies (Honours)

Being a student mentor has awarded me the opportunity to feel connected to my university in quite a personally profound way. A principle that I value and always aim to uphold, is that a person must do their best to serve the space/community that serves them. I’m grateful for the opportunity for growth and learning that VU has offered/ offers me, and I take pride in being able to serve my university by helping my fellow peers. It’s a great feeling to know I can play a part in making a fellow students’ journey just a little bit easier through sharing what has aided me in my own academic pursuit. As student mentors we believe, your win is our win. You thrive, we thrive. That’s community. That’s effective collaboration; working together to achieve our best. And, this is what makes me proud to be a student mentor.


Footscray Nicholson

 headshot of Meena, a student mentor at VU

Master of Teaching (Secondary Education)

My journey as a Student Mentor at VU has been delightful and satisfying. Besides delivering quality support and advice to students, it offered a great opportunity to enhance my interpersonal, communication and leadership skills and also helped build my professional networks. Meeting local and international students, helping them transition into university life and providing the study support they need has been a great learning experience.

Contact us

To get in contact with the Student Mentoring team please email us at [email protected].

We look forward to hearing from you.

Group of students, multicultural, wearing mentor shirts, smiling in campus courtyard