Learning Hubs are welcoming spaces where you can get advice on your university work and guidance on your career.

We offer practical workshops and drop-in sessions to all of our students – from first year to postgraduate study – as well as after-hours online advice.

Dedicated maths, writing, digital-literacy, library and careers advisers work with us to design our services and resources, and our Student Mentors offer invaluable support and guidance.

Learning Hubs are located at:

  • Footscray Park Campus

  • St Albans Campus

  • City Flinders Campus

  • Footscray Nicholson Campus

  • City Queen Campus.

We also offer employability workshops at Sunshine and Werribee campuses.


When you log in to Learning Hub with your student ID and password, you'll have access to do the following:

  • view drop-in session timetables
  • sign up for workshops
  • read additional resources
  • use the online advice system, LH Tutor
  • book your required First Year Model complementary activity
  • find a Student Mentoring session
  • search for work on our online jobs board
  • find out about research writing circles.

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Workshops & drop-in sessions

VU students can come to our drop-in sessions and workshops at any of our Learning Hubs.

Workshops are scheduled weekly for undergraduate and postgraduate students, and we have regular drop-in sessions. These cover many areas, including:

  • writing
  • general maths
  • maths and physics support for engineering students
  • careers and employability
  • Library and research skills.

Bookings and timetables are available through Learning Hub.

Student mentoring

Our Student Mentoring programs are run by high-achieving, current VU students who want to help other students in their studies.

While the sessions are run in student-only spaces, our mentors have been trained by an experienced team of academic advisers.

Student Mentoring workshops and drop-ins are held across five campuses (Footscray Park, St Albans, City Flinders, Footscray Nicholson, City Queen Campus). Timetables can be found on Learning Hub online.

They include:

  • general university skills workshops, such as using online resources
  • discipline-specific Study Space sessions (eg Health Sciences at St Albans campus, and Business at City Flinders).

Find out more about student mentors.

First-year students

If you're part of our First Year Model, you need to participate in one complementary activity per unit of study.

Book your activities using our app for first-year students, VU LearnHub.

  • Numeracy: You'll learn skills in algebra, plotting variables, trigonometry, probability, and financial variables – and come to understand their applications in your study and other areas.
  • Inquiry: You'll find out how to ask the right questions, frame your investigation, and find the information needed to complete your university assignments. For example, we'll teach you to find and use ejournals and other resources to inform your essays.
  • Digital literacy: Information is readily available on the Internet, but finding accurate and reliable sources is a major challenge for university students. In this workshop, you'll gain skills in finding, interpreting, evaluating and sharing digital information.
  • Project management: Learn to apply fundamental project-management techniques to your university study, including planning, implementation, and team work. For those interested in the project management field, you'll get a taste of the discipline as a career.
  • Self management: Our counselling experts give you techniques in mindfulness and stress management, to help you deal with the pressures of assignments and exams.
  • Great presentations: Develop skills and confidence in public speaking and presenting information in a group setting. You'll learn to use your voice and body language effectively, as well how to present information visually to your audience.
  • Textual literacy: Learn to write clearly and accurately, and to research and reference your essays following academic conventions. We show you how to access academic resources online or in the Learning Hub.
  • Design: In this workshop, we cover the principles of design, and show you where to access free tools for designing presentations, websites and other visual elements.
  • Group work: This hands-on, practical activity will show you how to be an effective team member and the tools and tricks to facilitate group work.
  • Multimedia tools: This applied workshop gives you a chance to work in our Mac lab to learn the basic principles of composition, lighting and framing for Instagram and video on smartphones. You'll also see how video and animated gifs can be embedded in powerpoint presentations.

Postgraduate students

VU's Learning Hubs offer workshops and discussion groups tailored to our postgraduate and research students.

We periodically run workshops on topics that include the following:

  • drafting and editing your thesis
  • managing your time effectively
  • common errors of English grammar
  • structuring your literature review
  • developing your writing style.

With an emphasis on thesis writing, our writing circles aim to encourage PhD students to:

  • share writing resources and tips
  • develop reflection and editing skills
  • give and receive feedback on drafts
  • build confidence and independence
  • meet other research students with similar interests
  • maintain ongoing links and support if desired.

A writing circle consists of a small number of postgraduate students and one facilitator. Writing circles are grouped by discipline (e.g. students working in areas related to the Social Sciences, Arts, or to the Sciences) and by approach (e.g. students using quantitative or qualitative methods).

Participants are expected to attend regularly, read each other’s writing and contribute to discussion.

Check Learning Hub online for timetables and bookings.

Careers & jobs board

Learning Hubs regularly offer workshops to support your job search, such as resume writing.

You can also find a part-time, holiday or graduate job through our Learning Hub jobs board.

We post jobs from:

  • external organisations looking for students and graduates
  • Student as Staff roles within the University.

Location & opening hours

Learning Hub online can be accessed at any time, using your Student ID and password.

Learning Hub campus spaces are staffed at the following times:

  • during semester: Monday to Friday, 10am–6pm
  • outside semester: Monday to Friday, 12noon–4pm.

Our online after-hours advice Learning Hub Tutor takes enquiries anytime via chat.


The Learning Hubs are located at:

  • Footscray Park Campus: Library, Level 2, Building P
  • St Albans Campus: Library, Level 2, Building 7
  • City Queen Campus: outside Law Library entrance, Level 2
  • City Flinders Campus: Level 9
  • Footscray Nicholson: Library, Building T, Level 2, Room T231 (11am–3pm)

We also offer Learning Hub activities at Werribee and Sunshine Campuses.

Contact Learning Hub

If you have any queries, please email the Learning Hub team: learninghub@vu.edu.au