Learning Hubs provide wide-ranging academic and study support to all students, at all levels, across all VU campuses.

If you are a VU student, we will help you achieve your full potential by developing your confidence, academic ability, and study skills. With our support, you will gain essential skills for university and your future career.

Along with Learning Hub spaces at every campus, we offer a range of digital services and resources.

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Study Essentials (first year)

Series of workshops and online learning modules for first-year students, providing a solid foundation of academic and study skills.

Find schedule: VU App | Learning Hub
Access Study Essential modules: VU Collaborate

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Online Tutoring | 24/7

Online, 24/7, personalised support with editing, grammar, content, referencing, and more.

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Online modules

Designed for all students, our online modules build confidence and develop academic and study skills.

Access Essential Activity modulesVU Collaborate

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Drop-in sessions & workshops

In-person drop-ins and bookable workshops, for specific discipline & general skills support.

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Postgrad & research support

Tailored services including writing groups, workshops, and drop-in sessions.

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VU Polytechnic support

Materials, resources, and content developed with VU Polytechnic teaching experts.

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The Learning Hub offers a range of workshops and online learning modules known as ‘Study Essentials’.

Study Essentials are designed to help you build confidence and develop academic and study skills during your early years of study. We recommend you attend a workshop to get the most benefit. Online modules are great if you’re time poor or want to review content.

Study Essentials have been designed to complement what you learn in your course. This means the content is relevant, and you can apply your learnings immediately.

You will complete Academic Writing and Numeracy in your first 2 blocks. After that, you can choose to complete other Study Essentials relevant to your course or your general study needs:

  • Great Presentations
  • Time Management
  • Scientific Literacy
  • Wellbeing
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Academic Inquiry
  • Video Skills
  • Remote Group Work

Beyond first year, the Learning Hub’s offer a range of online learning modules for students in their second, middle, third, and final years of study. 

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For our workshop schedule, log in and search: 

Access the online learning modules: login to 
VU Collaborate (Collaborate>SPRT Learning Hub Activities – SUPP-STLH>Essential Activities>Study Essentials).

Learning Hub Tutoring is a free to use, online academic support service available 24/7 to all VU students.

Learning Hub Tutoring allows you to submit your written work for review and feedback by a knowledgeable and experienced tutor. When you submit your work, you can ask for specific feedback on areas such as content development, grammar, and referencing. 

Learning Hub Tutoring also provides a range of other services, including support with maths and statistics and assistance developing career documents like your CV or cover letter. 

You will automatically receive 4 hours of support each semester. However, should you require more, email [email protected] and your allocation will be topped up. 

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Access support from Learning Hub Tutoring via Learning Hub

VU offers a diverse range of self-paced, relevant, and informative online learning modules designed for VU Polytechnic through to postgraduate students. 

For VU Polytechnic and first-year students, online learning modules cover areas such as academic writing, numeracy, referencing, presentation, and video skills. Also on offer are personal and practical skills development modules such as effective group work, time management, and personal wellbeing. 

Second and middle-years students can choose to complete the ‘Course Essentials’ modules, designed to build on skills and experience gained in first year.

In the third and higher levels of study, the ‘Future Essentials’ modules are designed to further enhance skills and prepare students for career or further study.

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Log in to access the Study, Course, or Future Essentials online learning modules via the Learning Hub Activities tab in:  
VU Collaborate: Collaborate>SPRT Learning Hub Activities – SUPP-STLH>Essential Activities. 


As well as the wide range of digital resources, the Learning Hubs also offer a selection of face-to-face (online/on-campus) academic support services provided by the VU Learning Advisors and Student Mentors. 

We are currently running most sessions online. As we progress towards Covid normal, Learning Advisors and Mentors will have an increased presence across all campus Learning Hubs and libraries.

Learning Advisors

The Learning Advisors are a team of skilled and experienced professionals employed by the University to support your learning and development and to assist you in achieving your academic goals. 

Specialising in areas such as academic writing, maths, science, and statistics, the Learning Advisors hold unstructured, personalised, drop-in sessions as well as structured workshops in a range of subject areas. 

Student Mentors

Student Mentors are current, successful VU students employed by the University to provide academic and transition support to fellow VU students. Student Mentors are knowledgeable in their area of study and can provide you with support and guidance to achieve your educational goals. 

Student Mentors facilitate a range of services include discipline-specific Study Spaces and online/on-campus drop-in sessions.

During a Study Space, you can have a chat with a Student Mentor and get support with assessments, referencing, finding resources, or anything to do with your studies.

Study Spaces are also regularly run in a range of languages and various disciplines, including:

  • law and justice
  • osteopathy
  • arts and education. 

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No appointments are necessary for drop-ins. Just check the calendar of activities and attend at a convenient time.

Workshops require you to register ahead of time.

The full calendar of the Learning Advisor support services can be accessed when you login to: 
Learning Hub (select Drop-Ins and choose from the topics listed) 

To access the calendar outlining the full range of academic services offered by the Student Mentors, login to:
Learning Hub (select Student Mentors from the Drop-in page).

The Learning Hub offers a range of services tailored to postgraduate and research students, including writing groups, workshops, and drop-in sessions. 

Postgraduate and Research Writing Groups are small groups lead by a Learning Advisor where you can share your experiences and improve your writing and research skills. 

Our postgraduate and research drop-in sessions are the perfect opportunity for you to sit down with a Learning Advisor to discuss your work and receive support to develop advanced writing practices and reflective skills.

Hacky Hour is a weekly informal drop-in where research students discuss data and digital tools to help identify strategies for success in research. Drop into a Hacky Hour session to discuss:

  • collecting and managing data
  • fixing bugs
  • coding
  • scripts

Learning Hub Tutoring is also available to postgraduate and research students. We recommend submitting smaller pieces of writing for feedback and bringing this to a Drop-in session for discussion with a Learning Advisor.

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Log in to find a time that suits you for a drop-in or study group, or access tutoring:
Learning Hub

We understand that our VU Polytechnic students may have different skillsets and academic needs. Therefore, our team of Learning Advisors works with teaching staff to ensure our materials, resources, and content is relevant to you.

The diverse range of Study Essentials online learning modules designed for first-year students are also relevant to VU Polytechnic students (see above).

As well as online resources, VU Polytechnic students can attend regular drop-in sessions hosted by Learning Advisors and Student Mentors.

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Log in to access Study Essential online learning modules via the Learning Hub Activities tab in VU Collaborate.

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What our students say

"The staff I have interacted with have shown empathy, patience, and concern and have asked questions to know me better."

"I found the study essentials really helpful and it has definitely guided me in the right direction in regards to my assessment." 

"I am more confident now and have got skills to be a great presenter. The session was so so informative."

Meet your Learning Advisors

Our friendly and experienced Learning Advisors are here to support you through your assessments and help you build your academic skills.

Nand – Maths

I’m Nand, a Learning Advisor (Maths). I have a range of qualifications in physics, maths and education, together with a PhD in Optoelectronics. My educational philosophy is that all students learn differently to achieve their maximum potential. Thus, I am currently researching teaching of difficult key concepts in maths and physics by designing concrete interactive materials to enhance the learning processes.

You’ll see me conducting Numeracy A, Numeracy B, LANTITE and Time Management workshops, and Maths, Physics and Biomechanics drop in sessions. Outside of my work within the Learning Hub, I’m either playing cricket or watching Rugby Union matches.

I look forward to seeing you either in our Zoom classroom or on campus!

Nand, male learning advisor

Ghofran – Maths

I have combined more than ten years’ experience as a Maths Learning Advisor, Council Member of Victoria University, Laboratory Assistant/Demonstrator, Tutor and Connected Learning Officer, and a PhD in Materials/Chemical Science.

I have a strong desire to make a positive difference in students’ lives to transform any opportunity to success. My years of personal experience have provided me with an exceptional experience that enables me to:

  • develop students' maths/chemistry skills
  • communicate with students from diverse background
  • influence and inspire students to build self-confidence, and meet challenges
  • listen to difficulties students face in their studies
  • help students to develop self-responsibility, be independent learners and stay focused.

Annie – Writing, presentations & time management

My name’s Annie, and I'm a Learning Advisor in writing with a Bachelor of Arts; Grad Dip in Creative Arts; Postgrad Dip in Teaching, as well as a sadly unfinished masters thesis. Many years ago, here at VU, I lectured in theatre; however, these days, you’ll find me at writing drop-ins as well as running Academic Writing, Time Management and Great Presentations workshops.

Whatever the level of a student, be it foundation, first year or PHD, I relish supporting that student to advance their academic writing to the next level and I look forward to meeting and assisting you soon!

Anne, learning advisor, smiles in front of VU branded background

Doug – Wellbeing, presentations & time management

I'm Doug and I joined Victoria University with an extensive career within Talent Acquisition and Training. 

I am available to help students improve their Presentations skills via drop ins, or you can catch me in one of my engaging workshops focusing on Wellbeing, Time Management and Great Presentations. 

When I am not on the clock, you can find me in the park learning how to cartwheel, trying to find clothes for tall people or riding my bike to the point of exhaustion. 

Grace – Writing, Wellbeing, Time Management & Presentations

My name’s Grace, and I’m a Learning Advisor in Writing.

I’ve worked in Higher Education since 2014 and joined the Learning Hub in 2020. For me, the joy of being a Learning Advisor is supporting students to establish themselves as confident, capable and inquiring learners equipped to navigate university. My background is in the humanities and social sciences (I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English and History, a Professional Certificate in Positive Psychology, and I’m currently studying a Master of Social Work).

You will find me in the Learning Hub for Writing Drop-in sessions, and delivering Academic Writing, Wellbeing, Time Management, and Great Presentations Study Essentials (“workshops”). I look forward to meeting you – and your writing!

Lynette – Writing, wellbeing, presentations & time management

Hi! I’m Lyn, a Learning Advisor – Writing.

I joined the Learning Hub team in 2018, after seven years teaching Literature and Creative Writing at VU. I am passionate about supporting students to build the skills, confidence and curiosity to help them thrive at university and beyond.

You’ll find me running Writing Drop-in sessions and workshops in Academic Writing, Wellbeing, Great Presentations and Time Management. When on campus, you may also find me trying to perfect my backspin at the table tennis tables in Building P.

Sandy – Writing, time management, wellbeing

I’m Sandy, a Learning Advisor for academic writing. I have a masters degree in Global Diplomacy and am interested in statehood and indigenous sovereignty. I have been a passionate educator for a decade, and believe that education should be an opportunity for success and that mistakes are an opportunity to learn.

You’ll see me running Academic Writing, Time Management and Wellbeing workshops and in Academic Writing and Post-grad/HDR drop in sessions.

I am a baker and a maker, and my sweet cat Edna and I look forward to seeing you on Zoom!

Sandy, learning advisor, smiles at camera

Sharon – Writing

Hi, I'm Sharon and I'm a Writing Learning Advisor working in the Learning Hubs.

I am passionate about supporting students on their journey of life-long learning, and helping them improve their writing and other academic skills, whether they are struggling or just trying to do the best they possibly can. I run workshops on topics such as Academic Writing, Time Management, Wellbeing and Great Presentations, and am always keen to collaborate with academics to meet the needs of their students.

I have a background and PhD in scientific research and also studied psychology and Teaching English as Another Language.

Sharon, older learning advisor

Tahirih – Writing

My name is Tahirih, I am a Writing Learning Advisor committed to helping students with developing and strengthening their academic literacy skills. You will see me in the Academic Writing Drop-in sessions, running the Academic writing, Wellbeing or Time Management workshop, so don’t hesitate to reach out. My approach to education is to equip students with the required skill sets to become independent lifelong learners and valuable contributors to their communities.

I believe in empowering students to reach academic independence and excellence; I hope with my support and your commitment to your studies, I can help you realise your potential.

Group of learning hub advisors pose in outside the VU library

Student mentoring

Student Mentors reflect the diverse student body at VU. We come from a range of disciplines, study levels and cultural backgrounds, as well as from domestic and international cohorts.

We are knowledgeable in our area of study and can confidently provide assistance and guidance to other students from the same or similar discipline.

As experienced VU students, we also understand the various VU systems, including the online learning environment. We can help you find a range of information from the student perspective.

Find out more about student mentors.

Group of student mentors smiling happily, on campus

Location & opening hours

Learning Hub online can be accessed at any time, using your Student ID and password.

We offer Learning Hub drop-ins and workshops online and face to face. To find a session or book a workshop, visit Learning Hub Online.

Our 24/7 after-hours advice Learning Hub Tutoring takes enquiries anytime via chat – and you can submit your work any time for review.


The Learning Hubs are located at:

  • City Tower: Level 2, 370 Little Lonsdale St  
  • Footscray Nicholson Campus: Library, Building T, Level 2, Room T231
  • Footscray Park Campus: Library, Level 2, Building P
  • St Albans Campus: Library, Level 2, Building 7
  • VU Sydney Campus: Level 1

We also offer Learning Hub activities at Werribee and Sunshine campuses.