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Find out how to format and reference your academic work.

You can download useful examples for structuring and presenting your academic work on this page.

We also explain referencing requirements. It's crucial that you know how to avoid plagarism, as 'copying' another person's work could lead to your failing the assignment or even the unit.


When completing assignments at university, you must acknowledge any ideas or concepts you use in your writing that were created by someone else.

Not doing so is a breach of academic integrity, and is treated as serious academic misconduct.

VU's Academic Integrity Policy explains the importance of staff and student honesty in relation to academic work. It outlines the kinds of behaviours that are considered to be 'academic misconduct', including plagiarism.

Consistently and accurately acknowledging the source of the ideas you use improves the quality of your assignments, and ensures you maintain the standard of academic integrity required at university.


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