Industry adjuncts & advisory board

In the Victoria University Business School, we pride ourselves on our close connections with industry.

Through our strong links with industry and the broader business community, we ensure that our curriculum is contemporary and best-practice methodologies are taught in the classroom.

Industry adjuncts

The Victoria University Business School has appointed a number of key industry leaders as adjuncts, focusing in particular on industries such as tourism and events, financial services, supply chain and logistics, sport and recreation/health services.

Industry adjuncts are honorary staff who typically simultaneously hold an appropriate position in another institution, in government, or in the private sector and have a significant involvement in developing an aspect of the University’s links with industry, the professions and/or the wider community.

Some of the appointed adjuncts to the Victoria University Business School are:

Student benefits

You will learn from experienced and successful industry leaders in their field and gain highly-relevant, practical and applied skills, tying in with the School’s emphasis on practical learning and building close ties with industry.

Taking the opportunity to build relationships with industry mentors will help you grow your network, improve your career advancement prospects and increase your competitiveness for future roles you may be applying for.

VU Business School Industry Advisory Board

We consult with industry experts to ensure our courses are contemporary and relevant to the future needs of industry.