Do you dream of studying an Arts degree – but you’re tired of people telling you it’s a waste of time? Read on for some ultimate come-back lines.

Successful Arts grads and employers are everywhere – we chatted to just a few who can’t stop talking about the benefits of their degree.

1. Employers will love you

A BA will bestow on you a multitude of transferable skills, which employers of every industry are desperately seeking.

These include communication and collaboration, agility and adaptability, and analytical and leadership skills. Part of the reason VU’s BA provides this skillset is the focus on hands-on, practical learning.

Dr Jacinda Woodhead, editor and artistic director at Overland magazine, employs interns at one of Australia’s most distinguished literary journals. She says:

“VU interns are always independent thinkers with a lot of ideas, which is something that’s obviously nurtured by a learning environment that encourages debate, interrogation and creative thinking.”

Employers like Jacinda Woodhead know that combining formal study with practical experience provides the best career start.

2. A career that begins before you graduate

With the practical advantage of an Arts degree, you’ll gain the confidence and CV-boosting experience that can only come with placements and hands-on learning. Many placements also turn into ongoing paid roles.

Recent Arts graduate Sean Ryan obtained a role as a Project Officer at HealthWest Partnership, and says:

“One of the best things about the degree was the practical element, particularly transferable skills and hands-on learning. I worked on campus as an academic support worker, Footscray University Town ambassador and advertising and sponsorship assistant. I also volunteered with the Vollies Program and the City of Melbourne.”

Sean started his career before he graduated - and has used the experience to his advantage.

3. A career tailored to your strengths & passions

A BA offers you focus. From eight majors you can specialise in an area you’re passionate about. Picking a sub-major lets you further tailor your degree to your talents and strengths – targeting that fulfilling career you're dreaming of.

Arts (Professional Writing & Culture, Communications) graduate Rochelle Gore is a Communications & Stakeholder Engagement Officer at Wyndham City Council. She says:

“I loved the varied nature of the subjects - and VU provided so many real-world opportunities to use my skills. I interned in a local government as a Communications Officer and was the Publications Lead for Offset arts journal. They gave me professional experience and connections to further my career.”

Rochelle was able to follow a career path she was passionate about.

4. It can be just the beginning

Your Arts degree is not only a great achievement that opens countless doors; it also enables you to build on your career, or change direction.

If you have dreams of becoming a lawyer, a teacher, a psychologist or any other range of careers, an Arts degree is the perfect head start. You can undertake postgraduate studies or gain credits from your BA – or even transfer between courses in some cases.

Second-year Arts student Charmaine Murphy plans to pursue teaching after she finishes her degree.

“I chose VU for its amazing reputation for teaching courses. I’m majoring in History with my Arts degree and then I plan to study the Master of Teaching to become a high school history teacher. In the meantime I look forward to the next two years’ practical placement opportunities that will give me real workplace experience,” she says.

Charmaine is focusing on her specialisation in history before focusing on her teaching goals.

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