VU Library would like to thank all students and staff who completed the 2020 Library Satisfaction Survey.

Thanks to your positive responses to our 2020 survey which focused on the digital library service and remote learning and teaching under COVID-19, VU Library is performing well in the three categories surveyed:

  • communication
  • service delivery
  • information resources.

A comparison of the 2020 survey results with the 2017 survey results indicates that VU Library performed best in communication and recorded a small performance dip in services (related to document supply) and in information resources (related to off-site access).

What is important to you and how we are performing

You identified the following services as important to you and indicated that these services are also being performed well:

  • You can get help from library staff when you need it.
  • Library staff provide accurate answers to enquiries.
  • Online resources (e.g. online articles, databases, e-books, streamed media) are useful for your studies and help you with your learning and research needs.
  • Access to library information resources has helped you to be successful at university.
  • When studying off-campus at home or work, you are able to access the library resources and services you need.
  • Online enquiry services (e.g. email, Library Chat, Ask a Librarian, drop-ins) meet your needs.
  • Unit Readings in VU Collaborate meet your learning needs.
  • The library online “search” facility enables you to find relevant library resources quickly.
  • The library website provides useful information.

Ways we can improve

We are planning to improve access to digital, course and unit-specific resources (e-journals, e-books, full-text) particularly for remote learning and teaching:

  • Ensure full text digital resources are available in VU Collaborate units.
  • Offer library workshops (finding resources, using document supply) for postgraduate students and academic staff.
  • Extend the range of e-textbooks available and loan periods.
  • Improve the library discovery search service to ensure coverage of all online library resources.
  • Ensure easy access to embedded digital resources linked in VU Collaborate.

The Library’s action plan is available on the VU Library website.