VU Block Model® evolution

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VU's innovative education delivery has been trademarked.
Thursday 3 August 2023

Victoria University (VU)'s internationally acclaimed VU Block Model® – an intensive and interactive learning experience – has been granted an unrestricted trademark (in Australia and the UK), further enhancing the University’s reputation as a teaching and learning innovator.

The VU Block Model was recently featured in the Australian Universities Accord Interim Report as an example of an innovative education delivery.

Our VU First Year College®, with specialised teaching staff who design a specific curriculum for first-year university students to support them in the critical transition period to higher education, has also been trademarked.

VU Vice-Chancellor Professor Adam Shoemaker said the VU Block Model® and the VU First Year College, directly aligns with University’s vision to be a global leader in dual sector learning.

“Since establishing the First Year College in 2018 and expanding the Block Model across almost all of our offerings, hardly a week goes by without us being approached by an international university asking for our advice in this area,” Professor Shoemaker said.

We are now focused on accelerating the evolution of the VU Block Model and its potential for our institution to enhance our academic innovation and protect the Intellectual Property (IP) we have worked so hard to develop.

Improved pass rates and increased inclusivity since the introduction of the VU Block Model is testament to the success of this cutting-edge education offering. In particular, pass rates for non-English speaking background students has improved by 16 per cent and low socioeconomic students improved by 18.7 per cent.

What is the VU Block Model?

When studying an undergraduate degree or diploma at VU, students complete one subject at a time over a four-week ‘block’.

The classes are interactive and presented in workshop style where students get to know their teacher and classmates, put theory into practice, apply knowledge to real-world scenarios and receive fast feedback on assessments.

What is the VU First Year College?

The VU First Year Collegeis led by a multidisciplinary team of specialist educators to set students up for success in their university journey. The curriculum is engaging, authentic and focused on success, giving all students the opportunity to enter second year on an even playing field with an understanding of what it means to be a university student.