In your final year of undergraduate study, access online library modules to support your career search and prepare for work or further study.

You must be enrolled as a VU student to access the following interactive self-paced modules in VU Collaborate.

Researching your career

Research your future career and explore opportunities for professional development with the module Inquiry: Researching your Career.

While working through the module, create a personalised document of the most useful resources relevant for your career path: 

  • career resources for the big picture
  • lists of professional associations and trade and professional publications
  • open access resources
  • information about career and job clusters
  • VU Careers Support.

At the end of the module, you can export the document for future reference and guidance.

Pursuing a research career

If you are planning to undertake a higher degree by research, complete the module The Researcher skills and attributes: Pursuing a research career to find out how to develop the skills and attributes to become a successful researcher.

The module will introduce you to resources and strategies to develop:

  • creativity and originality
  • cognitive abilities – critical thinking, evaluating, problem solving
  • self-management – commitment, work/life balance, time management
  • personal qualities – enthusiasm, self-confidence, perseverance.

Becoming a digital citizen

To be ready for work or further study, complete the module Digital Citizenship to:

  • improve your digital literacy skills to find and evaluate information
  • learn tips on how to stay safe online
  • create online content and interact appropriately online
  • maintain digital health and wellness.