During Multicultural Week 2020 and beyond, expand your cultural knowledge with a range of VU Library resources.

Access the Library Guide: Multicultural Week 2020 for movies and electronic books about the languages, customs, and spirituality of the various cultures represented at VU.

Log in with your MyVU username and password to watch a movie or read an electronic book.


Watch movies from our multicultural week collection to learn about:

  • Lalai dreamtime
  • Aboriginal people and their land
  • music, dances and cuisines around the world
  • lives and struggles of migrants
  • authentic cultural voice
  • intersectionality.


Read books from our multicultural week collection about:

  • Bollywood and Indian cuisine
  • African fashion, theatre and cuisine
  • Muslim-Australians
  • histories and cultures of Torres Strait Islanders
  • Sri-Lankan cuisine and poetry
  • Indonesian fairy tales and other folk stories
  • Egyptian and French cooking.