Cultural inclusion & racial equity

Victoria University is proud to be one of the most culturally diverse universities in Australia.

Our students and staff represent more than 90 different cultures and speak more than 200 different languages.

At VU we recognise that to feel a sense of belonging, every member of our community must be able to contribute and participate equitably in every aspect of university and TAFE life.

Through celebrations and events, in our places and spaces, and in the way we teach, learn and research, VU actively works to ensure that diverse voices are heard.

Cultural diversity campaigns at VU

Join the VU Cultural Inclusion Network of staff and students, to contribute to planning and projects that advance our cultural inclusion and racial equity.

VU is a pilot organisation in the Welcoming Universities project – an initiative of Welcoming Australia, aimed at creating national standards for cultural inclusion for the university sector.

We will also be one of the first universities benchmarked against the standards.

Our strategy

Placing people with living experience at the centre of anything that impacts them is at the core of how VU approaches this work. The Brilliant Together – Cultural Inclusion and Racial Equality plan is exemplary of this.

The plan has been co-created by the VU Cultural Inclusion Network of staff and students, after a 12-month consultation period. Actions in the plan will create real impact in areas that matter the most to our community.

Brilliant Together aligns with the new Moondani Balluk plan to strengthen work across both cultural inclusion and First Nations justice.  

The plan focuses on four core areas:

  • culture and capability
  • teaching, learning and research
  • places and spaces and
  • equitable representation

Actions in the plan are delivered by areas across the whole institution, aligning VU with the new Welcoming Universities national benchmark.

Read the plan:

All One Together: Anti-Racism Campaign

All One Together is an anti-racism project, led by the Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria, which aims at supporting employers to improve their diversity and inclusion approaches at work.

People spend a lot of time in workplaces, and so facing racism and discrimination at work impacts people in big way.

VU, as an All One Together ambassador organisation has taken a public stance against racism by making a pledge and participating in actions as part of the campaign. 

Welcoming Universities pilot project

Welcoming Universities is a new network to inspire and support universities to develop a culture and practice of welcome and inclusion within their institutions, in the community, and across the Australian higher education sector.

Victoria University is a member of the pilot working group for the project and will participate in developing national standards for cultural inclusion and welcome.

The initiative will build on the success and learnings of Welcoming Cities and enable Universities to benchmark their cultural diversity and inclusion practices across their entire operation.

VU Cultural Inclusion Advocates

We are very proud of our VU Cultural Inclusion Advocates. They have been nominated as passionate cultural diversity ‘enablers’ from their respective areas in the teaching, learning and library areas of the University, to support building a strong inclusive culture.