A teacher giving a Chinese Mandarin class.

Ever wanted to learn Chinese? Want to learn more about Chinese culture? Join a free class for VU staff, students or alumni.

Victoria Business Confucius Institute has Chinese culture and Mandarin classes for anyone who is interested but has no Chinese experience or background.

The course is designed and delivered by Victoria Business Confucius Institute to provide participants with an opportunity to learn Chinese Mandarin, gaining an overview of the language. Specifically, it provides an introduction at a reasonable pace with the emphasis on developing listening and speaking skills.

Study outcomes

On successful completion of this session participants will:

  • have a basic understanding of Chinese language and its structure
  • be able to perform basic greetings and expressions for daily communication
  • be able to learn Mandarin through some platforms by themselves.

October, November 2021 classes

We are offering:

  • October classes for VU staff and students: 5 sessions (45 minutes each) over 5 weeks, 12 October – 9 November.

  • November classes for VU Alumni: 5 sessions (45 minutes each) over 2 weeks, 16 – 30 November.

Read more, and find classes schedules on our Chinese language, business & cultural learning page.