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  • Expertise: CGE model training, CGE modelling, Economic forecasting, Labour market forecasting

    Dr Janine Dixon is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre of Policy Studies (CoPS) at Victoria University. Janine’s interests include the theory and practical application of large scale dynamic computable general equilibrium (CGE) models. She has worked extensively with the Vic Uni, VUMR (formerly MMRF) and TERM models of the Australian economy.

  • Expertise: Doctoral Education, Educational experiences of women and girls, Insider research and participant methodologies, Mathematics education, Situated learning and learning at work, STEM initiatives and creative activities, Teacher education, particularly pre-service teacher education

    Professor Pat Drake is leading on STEM Education Strategic Initiatives for Victoria University. She also provides commentary and advice on mathematics teaching and learning in universities to meet the needs of primary and secondary schools. She also considers the educational experiences of women and girls.

  • Expertise: Desalination, Gas separation, Membrane enhanced fermentation, Membrane separations, Novel inorganic and organic materials, Process modelling, Water treatment

    Professor Mikel Duke’s expertise is focused on the development and implementation of innovative membrane technologies for water, foods and energy applications. His specialisation is in the fundamental development of inorganic materials as well as in applications of membrane distillation, ceramic membranes and membrane assisted fermentation.

  • Expertise: Container terminal automation, International shipping and logistics, Maritime Logistics, Port development, Project management, Strategic advice, Supply chain analysis
  • Expertise: Junior sport, Skill acquisition, Sport expertise, Talent development

    Professor Damian Farrow is an expert on understanding the factors critical to sport expertise and talent/skill development. Holding a joint appointment between Victoria University and The Australian Institute of Sport, he conducts applied research and provides service to a range of national sports organisations focused on the development of athlete skill and coach education.

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