Sorry Day & Reconciliation Week 2023

People taking part in an Invasion Day march. Photo credit: James Ross.
26 May – 3 June 2023, 9am–6pm
70-104 Ballarat Rd, VIC, AU
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This is an important week for First Nations Peoples beginning with Sorry Day on 26 May and ending with Mabo Day on 3 June.

The week between – Reconciliation Week – invites non-Indigenous people to seek out information about these significant dates, to connect with the struggles of Aboriginal People and to take action in solidarity.

Show your commitment to growing your understanding and acting in support by joining one of the events below and participating in the Grow Solidarity pledges.

Grow Solidarity

Grow Solidarity is an evolving and ongoing opportunity for non-Aboriginal members of the VU community to learn, act and engage as allies of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in their pursuit of equality and justice. The journey of ally-ship is continuous as we each deepen our understanding of how to stand behind and beside First Nations Peoples who are the leaders in their fight for sovereignty, truth and treaty.

You can select from three pledges to take actions for self-education and practical support. It is recommended that you have already engaged with actions or have understanding at the foundational levels prior to taking on the next.

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