About Moondani Balluk

All Moondani Balluk staff maintain close links and relationships with the Aboriginal community, government, partners, our students and researchers.

Paola Balla's Moondani Balluk design: The original design was fitted into the VU triangle logo so that it showed the embodying relationship between the University and Moondani Balluk & the meaning of “embracing people”- being embraced by VU
Paola Balla's Moondani Balluk design shows the embodying relationship between the University and Moondani Balluk, and the meaning of 'embracing people' – being embraced by VU.

 Find out more about Paola Balla’s Moondani Balluk design.

We work to:

Moondani Balluk is a culturally safe and supportive place for Aboriginal students and staff at Victoria University. Moondani Balluk means ‘embrace people’ in the Woiwurrung language of the Wurundjeri people.

Information, services & support offered

Moondani Bulluk provides a wide range of information, services and support for Aboriginal students and staff. We offer:

  • courses and units with an Aboriginal focus
  • student assistance and support
  • scholarships and Moondani Balluk student grants
  • cultural activities for staff and students
  • academic, personal and cultural support
  • networking and professional development opportunities.

We also support Aboriginal research and researchers.

The work of Moondani Balluk is informed and guided by the University-wide Aboriginal strategy, Bathlemun Yalingwa.

Aboriginal Strategy Leadership Committee

The Vice-Chancellor leads the implementation of our Aboriginal Strategy, Bathelmun Yalingwa.

The Vice Chancellors’ Indigenous Strategy Leadership Committee consists of senior leaders (the Senior Leadership Team) and senior representatives of the University’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. The senior leaders have direct accountability for the achievement of the Strategy aspirations: gamadji (grow), dambunamon (share) and jerrboongun (connect).

Cultural awareness workshops & training

Cultural awareness workshops and training are available to staff at VU through VU Develop.

The Yulendj Warrung online Indigenous Cultural Awareness program is designed to raise awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in the teaching, learning and community engagement of all University staff. The program offers participants the opportunity to hear from Aboriginal staff about the historical and contemporary experiences of Aboriginal peoples.

Black Lives Matter resources

Moondani Balluk and the VU Library have created a Black Lives Matter library guide with resources to support self-education for staff and students at Victoria University.

Contact us

General enquiries:  [email protected]

Director [email protected]  | +61 3 9919 2836

Social media: follow Moondani Balluk on Facebook and Instagram.

Footscray Park: Building G, Level 1, Room G121 | Footscray Nicholson: Building N, Room N110 | St Albans: Building 4, Room 4S109

University student enquiries

Marcus Brooke
Aboriginal Student Support Coordinator, Moondani Balluk
Email [email protected]
Phone: +61 3 9919 4914

TAFE student enquiries

Rhiannon Madden
Aboriginal Student Officer
Email [email protected]
Phone: +61 3 9919 5197

TAFE student enquiries

Meriki McCrae-Cooper
Aboriginal Student Officer
Email [email protected]
Phone: +61 3 9919 2188