Web and Mobile Application Development

    Unit set code: NMAWMD | Study level: Undergraduate | Unit set type: Major
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    This major provides students with advanced knowledge and skills in web and mobile application development through an integrated set of units in web and mobile application development. It builds on the Bachelor of Information Technology foundations including computer networks, programming, database systems and operating systems. Students will study object oriented programming, software engineering, web programming, mobile app programming, cloud app programming and database systems. Furthermore, they will apply practical and contemporary technologies to develop solutions to real world problems in their capstone final year projects.

    Unit set structure

    For a Major study, students must complete ninety-six (96) credit points of study, comprising of:

    • Eight (8) Core Specialist Area units.
    What is a unit?

    A full course is made up of several smaller topics or subjects. These are referred to as 'units'.
    Most courses have compulsory 'core' units, as well as optional units.


    'Credit points' are the value that each unit contributes towards your course.
    Most units at VU are worth 12 credit points. You will need to complete the required course credit points to graduate.

    As part of a course

    This unit set is studied as part of the following course(s):

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