This unit provides in-depth understanding of a modern object oriented language. The unit develops skills in software development, through an algorithmic approach and the application of principles of objected oriented programming.

Content includes: introduction to programming; basic constructs of a programming language; sequence, selection and iteration; classes and objects, inheritance, use of predefined classes from libraries; one dimensional arrays; graphical user Interface.

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NIT1102 - Introduction to Programming

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Discuss and apply fundamental aspects of computer program development;  
  2. Elaborate and apply software development activities;  
  3. Develop algorithms using basic programming constructs;  
  4. Manipulate primitive data types and structured data types; and  
  5. Apply object-oriented software principles in problem solving.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Laboratory Work Lab Tests 10%
Assignment Assignment (programming tasks) 40%
Test Written Tests 50%

Required reading

Java Foundations: Introduction to program design and data structures, 4th ed.
Lewis J., DePasquale P., & Chase J. (2017)
Pearson International Edition.

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