Unit set code: NMIMST | Study level: Undergraduate | Unit set type: Discipline Minor
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    After developing a solid grounding in science and mathematics from the core units in first year, this specific group of units allows you to pursue a breadth minor in mathematics and statistics.

    These disciplines are at the heart of all modern science: from modelling of scientific problems to analyzing data.  This minor includes the fundamental mathematics and statistics as used in modern applications, and will also provide you with the grounding to be an active and independent learner.  This minor places great emphasis on applications, and also on the use of technology: from hand-held calculators to modern "industry strength" computer systems.  As a science graduate with a solid grounding in mathematics and statistics you will be well placed to enter the workforce.

    Much modern science requires the creation of a good mathematical model as an underpinning; this minor will provide the necessary tools to be able to create such models, analyze them, and use them for testing, evaluation, and prediction.  As well, data produced from laboratory or field studies needs to be rigorously analysed, and this minor introduces the technical skills necessary for such analysis.

    This minor is appropriate for student undertaking major studies in a range of science discipline areas who wish to complement their studies with some training in applied mathematics and statistics, and in the use of technology to support those fields.

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    'Credit points' are the value that each unit contributes towards your course.
    Most units at VU are worth 12 credit points. You will need to complete the required course credit points to graduate.

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