Uncertainty and changes call for unique leadership in businesses. The core learning in this unit is to understand the development of leadership capacity and prepare for critical transformation or transition in complex situations. A unique learning model that aims for students to increase to close the gap between their understanding and effective leadership action. The unit examines the contextual challenges facing leaders today, seeking to develop a deep personal understanding of leadership as a complex process of scanning the environment and setting the direction, and achieving organisational goals through influencing people both inside and outside the organisation. The dynamics of interpersonal power are investigated, with particular attention given to the leader as a social architect, implicit in the concepts of transformational and values-based authentic leadership.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Conceptually map leadership theory, practice and contemporary issues in a globalised environment taking a critical perspective;  
  2. Assess a leader's actions using an integrated theoretical framework;  
  3. Show evidence of enhanced personal knowledge, skills and attitudes (including cultural competence) as they relate to the effective exercise of leadership across boundaries;  
  4. Develop a personal leadership statement and action plan that demonstrates sound critical social analysis and a constructed understanding of what is an authentic leader; and  
  5. In collaboration with others, demonstrate responsibility and accountability for own learning and all aspects of the work or functions required by a team.  


Melbourne campuses

Students studying under the VU Block Model.

Assessment type Description Grade
Presentation Case Pitch (Group) 20%
Report Group Case Report 50%
Other Self-Assessment Reflection (Individual) 30%

Other locations

Assessment type Description Grade
Assignment Conceptual map of leadership in a globalised world 10%
Report Leadership in a time of crisis 40%
Other Reflection & development of a 5-year leadership plan 50%

Required reading

Leadership: Practice and perspectives
Roe, K., 2020
Oxford University Press

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