In this unit students will apply a holistic approach viewing women's health through a feminist lens to gain insights into women's health needs. Students will explore the importance of supporting autonomous decision-making while investigating a range of women's health concerns. This unit (HMB3005) will also engage students in exploring the accessibility and availability of healthcare services to LBGTQi populations. Students will explore the paradigm of women's sexual health including contraception and sexually transmitted infections (STI). The specific health needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women will be a key focus in this unit.

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VU Sunshine Clinical School
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HMB3001 - Midwifery Care 2: Women with Complex Childbearing Needs and

HMB3002 - Midwifery Practice Experience 2

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Analyse the complex socio-cultural determinants of women's health and how these impact on their health needs;  
  2. Examine the physical and psychological aspects of women's sexual health from an evidenced based approach;  
  3. Critically reflect on the importance of bodily autonomy in women's health and explore strategies to promote women's participation in informed decision making and taking responsibility for self-care;  
  4. Contextualise the historical, political and socio-cultural paradigms that influence care of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women; and  
  5. Articulate the key concepts and considerations for providing healthcare for women and LGBQTi diverse populations.  


The assessment tasks link to the learning outcomes and graduate capabilities. The first assessment will assess students' knowledge on women's health conditions in the form of multiple choice and short answer questions. For the second assessment, students will submit a written essay on issues around gender and health and the challenges faced in accessing appropriate health services. The third assessment the students will complete case studies exploring care of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and submit a written reflection on learning in this critical practice area.
Assessment type Description Grade
Test Week 1 Multiple choice questions + Short answer (60 minutes) 20%
Essay Written essay (1000 words) 30%
Case Study Part A case studies (1000 words; 30%) Part B written reflection (700 words; 20%) 50%
To pass this unit, students are required to complete and/or submit all assessments.

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