In this unit of study pre-service teachers will develop their skills as reflective practitioners, collecting and analysing data to monitor the effectiveness of teaching practices and student learning. Pre-service teachers will engage in research activities that investigate, understand and critique how the world of education is, beginning with an understanding of the historical development of the Australian education systems. It will involve consideration of 'big educational ideas' facing humanity and how local ideas interrelate, respond and change and how they compare with education systems in other countries.

Through the examination and interpretation of both quantitative and qualitative data, pre-service teachers will consider the effectiveness of school structures and policy, curriculum, lesson planning, pedagogy, assessment practices and standardised testing in providing support for students from different social contexts, including students with disabilities, students from diverse socio - cultural backgrounds, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Pre-service teachers will reflect on different approaches to enact change, communicating findings to colleagues, students, parents and interested members of the community.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Critically engage and examine educational and social data to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching programs and improvement of school systems and teaching practices to improve student learning;  
  2. Analyse the role and potential of educational data in respect to relevant legislative, administrative and organisational policies and practices to support the development of educational structures, policy and curriculum that encourage young people to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals and informed citizens;  
  3. Demonstrate their understanding of educational issues through monitoring and evaluating student assessment data to explore curriculum development and lesson planning to modify teaching strategies to support the learning of students from diverse backgrounds.  
  4. Explore the influence of parents and carers in supporting student learning and what teaching strategies can be used to bring them into the educative process  
  5. Demonstrate understanding of professional learning and how it can support the development of teachers' knowledge and skill to modify teaching strategies and  


Assessment type Description Grade
Case Study Interview and Reflection 20%
Project Exploration and presentation of education related data 25%
Assignment Examination of an educational issue related to student learning and supporting a more equitable society of informed citizens 55%
All assessments are mandatory requirements to satisfactorily complete the unit and are equivalent to 5000 words of written assessment.

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