This unit of study is designed to extend and supplement the range of knowledge and practices developed in Epistemologies of Practice. Pre-service teachers will continue to study and experience the philosophy, theories and possibilities of classroom arrangements, classroom unit and lesson planning and implementation, and consider how curriculum, pedagogy and assessment strategies are enacted and reported to support students' needs. Additional aspects will include legal and safety concerns of teaching and student welfare issues. Continuing application of the Praxis Inquiry Protocol will support investigations and theorising of curriculum, teaching, learning, social justice and researchfulness, as well as the practice of praxis learning itself. Questions involving key features of classroom situations will be explored such as how different cultural backgrounds are respected, how are new student understandings formed and how do we know what has been learned?

Multi-modal learning will be explored to develop an understanding of different teaching practices support students' learning and understanding in key areas such as literacy and numeracy. This will involve the application of information technology into teaching that includes such approaches as, inquiry learning, personal learning plans, experiential learning and cooperative learning.

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EED5101 - Epistemologies of Practice

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Generate key themes of educational, teaching and learning practice that inform approaches to multi-modal learning demonstrating a range of teaching strategies for using ICT to expand curriculum opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds  
  2. Critique legislative and system requirements for students living and learning with a disability  
  3. Incorporate social justice principles and legislative requirements in relation to inclusion and diversity into planning and assessment  
  4. Articulate a sound understanding of assessment strategies and practices, including moderation, formal and informal, diagnostic and formative and summative approaches to assess students learning  
  5. Demonstrate their knowledge of teaching strategies and resources including ICT through designing and implementing multi-modal learning focused curriculum, lesson planning and associated assessment of student learning  
  6. Analyse professional responsibility of teachers in supporting the safe, responsible and ethical use of ICT information technology to support classroom practice  
  7. Use assessment data to set learning goals that provide achievable challenges for students of varying abilities and characteristics.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Assignment Review the curriculum pedagogy and assessment strategies. 20%
Project Investigation of multi-modal learning in the classroom. 40%
Presentation Presentation that demonstrates teaching practice using ICT. 40%
This unit will involve 15 days of teaching placement and a mentor teacher report, plus the collection of teaching and learning artefacts to support demonstrated teaching practice. All written assessment tasks are equivalent to 5000 words.

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