As the business environment becomes increasingly data-driven, competency in data analysis and an informed understanding of the business implication of big data becomes a critical skill for managers, corporate consultants and professionals for solving complex problems, strategic decision making and achieving major goals. This unit (BEO6000) aims to equip you with the knowledge and skill in collecting and transforming data into meaningful information for harnessing potential insights. You will learn the techniques and principles in data visualization for clear communication of information and reporting, data collection that foster research data integrity, and data processing and analysis that offer insightful and actionable findings. In addition, you will learn to discern data analysis techniques and understand the importance of selecting an appropriate technique for your data analysis and for making informed decisions.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Articulate a critical and integrated knowledge of the applicability and limitations between major quantitative and qualitative methods in data collection, and between primary and secondary data;  
  2. Design data collection process that assures research data integrity and relevant information to support evidence-based decision making and recommendation for solving given business problems;  
  3. Exhibit an advanced capability in visualising, synthesising and transforming data to critically harness insightful information that benefits the formulation of business strategy;  
  4. Appraise and critique alternative data analysis techniques to identify methods appropriate for the purpose and condition of an analysis; and,  
  5. Articulate a critical understanding on how data analysis may offer insightful information to aid business decision making and problem solving through the use of quantitative techniques and visualisation tools.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Assignment Individual assignment - Data analysis assignment 20%
Report Group assignment - Business research data analysis report 30%
Examination Final examination 50%

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