Skills for the workplace

Jessica Carson has enjoyed a successful teaching career thanks to placements she completed during her studies at VU. Fate has led her back to VU where she is completing her masters, and preparing to study abroad.

“Since graduating from VU’s Bachelor of Education, I’ve been consistently employed, despite the competitive nature of the teaching profession. I put this down to the in-classroom teaching placements I completed during my degree. These experiences gave me real examples to draw on when answering questions in job interviews, and the skills and knowledge to get me through my first years in the classroom.

When I was contemplating going back to uni, I would see the neon blue VU sign every night – as my apartment overlooked the Flinders Street Campus. It reminded me that VU was an option and eventually I enrolled to do my masters there. The people at VU are nothing but lovely and interesting and the tutorial dynamics are really helpful when learning due to the student and teacher diversity. I’m always learning from others and their teaching stories.

Currently I’m teaching part-time and doing my masters full-time. I’ve been accepted to do an exchange at Jyvaskyla University in Finland for 2017, where I will study a semester of my masters and learn about their education system. I am super-excited and nervous. I’m very glad fate landed me at VU because I can’t imagine studying anywhere else now!”

Courses studied

Bachelor of Education (P-12)

Master of Education