Saying 'yes' to SBS

Screen Media alumnus Jeehoon Choi attributes landing his dream job at SBS to saying yes to every opportunity offered at VU.

“I took the leap from the other side of the world – starting as an exchange student from South Korea in 2015.

VU truly is a university of opportunity. It’s up to you how you make the most of it.

The Students as Staff program at VU is the greatest, and everyone needs to go for it! It provided me with professional experiences in film and photography roles in different departments of VU, networking opportunities, and confidence while I earned money.

I also interned at a video production company, where I put my editing and videography knowledge into practice.

My involvement in the International Students Association, Media Club, VUSU and Offset creative arts journal was not only enjoyable, but helped me build skills and networks.

I also used VU's career advice to help with job-hunting and résumé-enhancing, and I took a leadership course aimed at preventing violence against women in the CALD community, organised by VU’s Respect and Responsibility group. It made a good impression on my future employers.

After I finished my degree at VU, I chased my dream job as social media videographer at SBS in Sydney. I feel lucky to have lived in two of the best cities in the world.

I’m loving my work, and I’m so committed to it. I’m looking forward to making it further within SBS and making change in the organisation, and society at large.”

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