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How VU helped Vanesa start a research career – before graduation

After achieving big success in biomedical science, VU graduate Vanesa Stojanovska is now researching better outcomes for some of our smallest babies through a prestigious National Health and Medical Research Council grant.

My parents migrated from Macedonia to Australia to ensure that we had the very best opportunities in life. I am the first in my family to attend and graduate university. I chose VU because of its supportive culture, as well as its world-class research opportunities. The high-calibre staff and outstanding facilities fostered my development into a skilled and independent researcher.

Strong written and lab-based skills are essential for a successful career in medical research. Before graduating, I had already obtained full-time employment at the Hudson Institute of Medical Research and was awarded the University Medal for Academic Excellence in Research Training.

I am working full-time now as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow and I have recently received the highly-competitive and prestigious Peter Doherty Early Career Fellowship from the National Health and Medical Research Council. With the support of this $300,000 award, I’ll be investigating how to improve the breathing of pre-term newborns exposed to inflammation during pregnancy.

Want to find similar success? Here are the courses Vanesa studied:

Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Doctor of Philosophy