A path of opportunity

Kuorwel Kuorwel went from refugee to research scientist with a PhD in chemistry.

Kuorwel Kuorwel

“I’ve had a long association with Victoria University, starting in 2003 when I enrolled to learn English as a refugee from Sudan.

My first semester at university was not easy because I had limited computer and research skills. But thanks to supportive staff and my fellow classmates, I completed my Bachelor and Honours degrees, and then earned a PhD in chemistry focusing on antimicrobial food packaging.

I had many opportunities for professional development and extracurricular activities that were critical to my success. I was able to do more than just study in a laboratory. Through VU, I got hands-on experience at the National Measurement Institute where I now work as an analytical chemist and research scientist.

Victoria University is a place that gives all kinds of people opportunities to explore their potential and realise their aims."

Courses studied

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