My first week in Seoul

Choosing to study abroad was definitely a big decision that took a lot of time, effort and dedication. – Katherine Le

Katherine Le and Jeffrey Shum
Bachelor of Science; Bachelor of Education

With the support of a semester grant from the Endeavour Cheung Kong Student Exchange Program (ECKSEP), VU students Katherine Le (Bachelor of Science) and Jeffrey Sai Hang Shum (Bachelor of Education) have embarked on a semester exchange to Hanyang University in Seoul, South Korea.

VU's Victoria Abroad team has also just secured a further two ECKSEP grants, which are funded by the Australian Government and global infrastructure company Cheung Kong, for exchange programs in Malaysia later this year and in 2020. Continue reading to learn more about Katherine and Jeffrey's first week in Seoul.

Katherine Le

"Choosing to study abroad was definitely a big decision that took a lot of time, effort and dedication. Coming to terms with parting with my friends and family was difficult; however, the excitement of making new friends and having new experiences eased those feelings.

"Deciding to come to Seoul earlier was the best decision I could have made. During this time I had time to explore the city and settle into my new surroundings and most importantly make new friends! I chose to stay at an off-campus dormitory arranged by Hanyang University, where many other international exchange students are also staying.

"I am excited to see what new adventures I’ll get to experience while spending my next four months on exchange at Hanyang University.

"P.S. For those who enjoy good food and exciting city life, Seoul is where you want to be!"

Jeffrey Shum

"My experience in Seoul so far has been awesome and different. I have tried a variety of restaurants with many types of delicious food.  I have made friends from all over the world – from countries such as Canada, Sweden, Germany and Russia.

"During my first week in Korea, I went with friends to Namsan Mountain as well as Seoul Tower. Getting to the peak of the tower was breathtaking as the view from the top allowed me to see how far the megacity reaches.

"The ECKSEP grant given to me by the Australian Government has truly helped fund my studies in Korea. I am very grateful for the assistance, as I will be able to fully finance my exchange experience."

Courses studied

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Education