Guiding principals

The best thing about the University is its inclusive, friendly, nurturing culture. My six week teaching placement in the final year of my degree enabled me to gain momentum and develop my style of teaching, and contributed to me getting my first job.

Benjamin Sacco
Bachelor of Education (P-12)

VU’s innovative, collaborative culture and quality Education program was the drawcard for Ben Sacco, who now works with potential leaders in schools across Australia.

"My father migrated from Italy at a young age and attended VU’s predecessor, Footscray Technical School. When I finished year 12, I also chose VU as it offered a Bachelor of Education (P-12) which enabled me to be qualified to teach across Primary and Secondary and this was appealing. The best thing about the University is its inclusive, collaborative and innovative culture.

Since graduating, I’ve worked across government, corporate and non-profit sectors. As a Regional Officer for the Department of Education, I provided professional guidance and advisory support to 200+ Northern Region school principals and as Deputy Principal of a large primary school, helped establish processes to support a community of best practice. 

Building on this experience, I’ve recently founded my own venture, Education Economy. We mentor and collaborate with current and potential leaders in schools across Australia, helping them to implement research in social science, behaviour and education in their day-to-day roles.

This has been my most fulfilling role so far, because it enables the opportunity to give back."

Courses studied

Bachelor of Education (P-12)

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