From helping to healing

I think the open-mindedness that comes with maturity has been key to my success.

Shane I'Anson
Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy)

Returning to study after a ten-year career in a different field is not a step for the faint-hearted. But it is entirely doable, and totally worth it – as Shane I’Anson discovered when he changed from social work to osteopathy.

“In 2017 I became drawn to osteopathy as a career after working in social work and corrections for more than ten years. I have a passion for health and wellbeing and helping improve the lives of others, so there’s a strong synergy between my two careers. My Aboriginal heritage is Noongar of the South West of WA. I also have connections with the Western Deserts people, who are known as traditional healers – I believe that’s where my natural curiosity for healing comes from.

I entered VU via teaching courses to refresh my academic writing and regain familiarity with the classroom setting. Then I did several biomedical science units to progress into osteopathy.

I was nervous when I heard about the VU Block Model because it’s so different to anything else out there. Having done conventional study before, I find Block Model better with supporting student learning through the single-unit focus. Even in chemistry, one of my weakest subjects, I got high credits – if I wasn’t learning under the Block Model I would have struggled.

The prac and clinical work began almost immediately – practical skills are so important to gain confidence in the profession.

Being 15 years older than most of my classmates, I am taking it really seriously, but I think the open-mindedness that comes with maturity has been key to my success.”