Team-players from the start

VU’s industry learning initiatives generate graduates who are an asset to the workplace says Catherine Dell’Aquila, Community Health Pathways Coordinator at Western Bulldogs Community Foundation.

Catherine, left, works with VU student, Brooke Muscat on community health programs.

Graduates who have completed their studies with VU are provided multiple opportunities to gain hands-on experience in their respective industries. This often gives them the special edge as they can demonstrate their capabilities to our organisation during placement with us or by providing strong examples from their other industry-based experiences.

VU students and graduates demonstrate their ability to build rapport with participants in our Western Bulldogs Community Foundation programs – they have a proactive attitude and genuine ambition to learn and gain as much experience as possible. Because of these traits, we don’t see VU students as ‘students on placement’, but as members of the team who contribute and add value.

If students are interested in gaining hands-on experience while studying, VU is the leader in this space. Through wide networks and partnerships such as with the Western Bulldogs and Western Bulldogs Community Foundation, they have access to unique work-place leaning opportunities that offer the qualities employers are looking for.

Get work ready

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Read Brooke's story

Brooke Muscat is a VU exercise science and psychological studies graduate working with Western Bulldogs Community Foundation’s Sons of the West and Daughters of the West programs.