Behind the scenes of a screen media placement

VU Bachelor of Screen Media students stand in front of a screen schowcasing details for Return to Creativity at the Bowery Theatre.
I wasn’t sure how I would go and felt quite scared in the beginning but honestly if you’re able to work alongside wonderful people, then you will get something out of [a Work Integrated Learning] experience.

Olivia Dikranis & Abbey Hewat
Bachelor of Screen Media

Second year Bachelor of Screen Media students Olivia Dikranis and Abbey Hewat used their Work Integrated Learning (WIL) opportunity to put their talents, skills and creativity into action by organising a showcase of student and alumni works called Return to Creativity at the Bowery Theatre. As lead organisers of the event, they reflect on their experience.


Return to Creativity was developed between five of us students. The event’s main goal was to showcase students’ work from over the past two years and celebrate being back at uni after COVID.

“I think an overall highlight was just being able to come together and watch each other’s work. There were moments when the audience was laughing and reacting to the videos being shown and I think that’s a real testament to the students and their ability to tell a story.

“I felt like this role really opened my eyes to what qualities a good leader must have, [like] having the ability to communicate with other individuals in order to accomplish a goal.

“A challenge we faced was making sure we got students to submit their work. We had to extend the date for students to hand in work, which left us a little worried leading up to the event. I think what I learnt from this is that there are certain aspects you cannot control, and this struggle was one that we just had to manage.

“Being able to work alongside my group members and bond together [has been the most enjoyable part of this experience]. It’s also been fun being able to work with community members from Brimbank and learn different aspects of what it takes to organise an event.” 


“COVID has made studying more challenging for everyone, so this event was designed to celebrate all the amazing work that the students have created despite adversity.

“The show ran smoothly, almost completely perfect and to plan which can be rare! I loved meeting the students that submitted work in person. It was also really lovely to catch up with the friends I have made as a part of this course. All the months and months of planning and organising was worth it when I saw all the talent and work on display.

“I would say the most valuable skills I have learnt through this placement is communication and leadership skills. Alongside Olivia, I lead the student organising team, [which involved] delegating tasks and responsibilities amongst the group.

“[All the organisers] have busy schedules with work, personal lives and of course our individual studies, so the biggest challenge was finding the time to work together. We learnt to be efficient and productive when we met up to complete tasks and to be effective communicators.

The most enjoyable part of the placement was going to work with like-minded students and making new friends and connections with people who share similar interests and passions as me. I also enjoyed being able to work with people who have years of experience that I was able to learn from.

“My biggest advice for students looking to do a similar placement is to make sure you enjoy the process and not let it overwhelm you too much.  If you enjoy what you are doing, then the whole process will feel less like a job and the result with be more meaningful.”

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