Kirner Kosky Scholarships continue to transform lives

Scholarships are transformational to the lives of the students who receive them and a true investment in the future. Thanks to donors like you, VU continues to award the Kirner Kosky Scholarship to deserving female students from the west of Melbourne so they can continue to follow their dreams.

Each year, two Kirner Kosky scholarships are awarded to support two female students from Melbourne’s west who have faced barriers in their education, for the duration of their degree.

The scholarship fund honours two remarkable women – former Premier, the Hon Joan Kirner, and former Minister for Education, the Hon Lynne Kosky – who both championed Melbourne’s western region. VU established the fund which bears both names to acknowledge their own strong personal connection, the many parallels in their careers and their shared commitment to education.

Some of our current recipients have shared their thanks to donors.

Debbie – Bachelor of Nursing

This scholarship meant the absolute world to me. I felt like the donors believed in me, and it gave me a great sense of support. Knowing that this scholarship is something so special, I have worked very hard to achieve high results, not only for myself, but my way of saying thank you to those that awarded me the scholarship. So far I have received 12 high distinctions, 4 distinctions and 2 credits. 

The scholarship allowed me to get a laptop, which was vital during the pandemic due to online sessions. Without the scholarship, I would have struggled without a laptop. It has also helped me pay for petrol and parking, for both rural and metropolitan clinical placements, and I have been able to start paying off my HECS debts. 

Thank you to everyone who has believed and supported me.

Etsub – Bachelor of Youth Work

This scholarship meant I could continue my studies without having to postpone them for a semester or two due to my citizenship status. It enabled me to achieve great things and travel to several destinations, and it had a positive influence on my life.

I was not an Australian citizen prior to receiving the Kirner Kosky Scholarship, thus I had to pay more than $800 for each of my units. My family and I were unable to cover the costs, and I considered deferring my education until I gained citizenship. However, I received the Kirner Kosky Scholarship just in time, and I was able to pay for my semester tuition. Soon after, I got my citizenship and was able to apply for HECS loans to cover my whole tuition. This helped me to concentrate on my academic studies without having to worry about tuition costs. Three years later, I had finished all of my units and completed my placement...

I'd like to thank the donors for allowing me to continue my studies; I've already completed all of my units and placements and am on my way to graduating in March 2023. I am honoured to have received this scholarship and to be able to use it to create new experiences.

My deepest gratitude and appreciation.

Hany – Bachelor of Nursing

Getting this scholarship meant a lot to me and my family. It has given me the opportunity to purchase school essentials such as a laptop, car parking, books, uniforms and nursing kit and much more. It motivated me knowing someone cared about my education and wanted me to succeed in life; that alone made me work harder than I would have.

As a young mother of five primary-age children, who was born and raised in so many different countries and missed different school levels because of my family circumstances, this scholarship was a great resource. I could study full time and work part time and look after my family, and not worry about my university essentials because the scholarship payments were enough for my school expenses.

Receiving scholarship payments made my life easier. It was a big part of my success, as I am soon to be a registered nurse. The job I always dreamed of.

It motivated me that there such kind-hearted people who are willing to support with my education. I made a promise to work hard and be the best nurse I can be for our people.

I would like to thank the people who donated their hard-earned money to better my life.

I wish a blessed and prosperous life for them and their families.

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