Student Experience Survey (SES)

Each year, Victoria University participates in the Student Experience Survey (SES). The SES gives you the opportunity to talk about your experience of studying at VU. 

Students are randomly selected and invited to participate. Check your VU email to see if you've been selected to take part.

Why complete the survey?

The survey helps Victoria University and the government to improve student satisfaction across various aspects of their university experience.

The results offer insights into students' experiences, and guide initiatives to improve teaching and learning in Australia.

This includes making changes and improvements in areas such as:

  • learning resources
  • teaching quality
  • student support
  • skills development
  • learner engagement.

These changes ultimately enhance the reputation of the courses you are undertaking or completing, and the University’s reputation as a world-class education provider. 

That’s why your participation is so important. You can make a difference!


Every VU student who completes the Student Experience Survey (SES) will be included in two prize draws:

About SES

The SES is an Australian Department of Education initiative which is carried out by The Social Research Centre. It forms part of the suite of higher education surveys under Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT).

The SES takes place in August of each year.

Your privacy

The Social Research Centre respects your privacy. Read our full privacy terms.

Contact the Social Research Centre

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Social Research Centre:

  • From within Australia: 1800 055 818
  • From outside Australia: +61 3 8327 1951
  • Email: [email protected]