The Borzillos have established a successful global engineering firm with strong family ties to Victoria University (VU). 

Two generations of family members studied at VU and the Borzillo family company, Intrax, actively employs VU graduates.


Qualifications: Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Eletronic Engineering), Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering)

Jobs: Managing Director & CEO, Executive Director

Brothers Robert and Danny Borzillo, as well as cousin Barry Borzillo, all graduated from Victoria University (VU) predecessor Footscray Institute of Technology (FIT) with degrees in engineering. Robert remembered FIT in 1979 as “a very egalitarian place where teachers treated everyone as their equals; while there was a lot of hard work, it made the hard work enjoyable.”

Danny on the other hand remembers the impromptu concerts and gigs on campus that the student union used to put on over lunchtime.

When Danny followed in Robert’s footsteps and studied civil engineering he was referred to as ‘Robert’s brother’ throughout his course. Danny also shared a few classes with cousin Barry even though they weren’t doing the same course.

Danny, Barry and Robert Borzillo.

100 years of experience in engineering

The trio have chalked up illustrious engineering careers in their own rights. Robert worked on major projects across Australia, including the Burdekin Falls Dam in northern Queensland and the Allianz Stadium in Sydney. Barry was the Managing Director of Ericsson Australia and New Zealand, while Danny ran a successful engineering consulting firm.

With a combined experience of over 100 years in engineering, the Borzillos decided to work together and founded their own company Intrax. This venture has brought together Robert’s expertise in geotechnics and business management, Danny’s expertise in structural engineering and small business, and Barry’s expertise in leadership and business strategy.

The family business

Intrax is a multidisciplinary engineering company, providing full-solution services to clients. Its operations include geotechnical, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering as well as surveying and hydraulics.

The company has gone from strength to strength, now employing over 250 staff with offices in every Australian state except WA, as well as in China.

Given the Borzillo's strong relationship with the University, it is not surprising that VU is built into the fabric of Intrax. VU alumni make up more than 10% of its workforce, with Intrax actively recruiting more through their graduate and vocational employment program.

Robert, Danny and Barry still keep in contact with many lecturers and classmates from their time at FIT.

Not everyone wants to work with family, but Robert says he enjoys the time spent professionally with Danny and Barry. They also manage to have robust conversations about work projects and fruitful discussions about different directions to take the company while sitting around the dinner table.

The family ties to VU show no sign of weakening. Danny’s son, Matthew Borzillo is also an engineering graduate from Victoria University and has commenced work at Intrax.

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