Moondani Balluk and its researchers create a large volume of academic and creative works, in a variety of formats.

These publications include:

  • books, essays and stories, covering both fiction and non-fiction
  • theatre and film
  • exhibitions.

Several of these works are regarded as major and of significant national or international impact.

Books & monographs

Dexter, Barrie with Gary Foley and Edwina Howell (eds) (2015) Pandora's Box: The Council for Aboriginal Affairs 1967-1976, Southport QLD, Kierra Press.

Land, Clare (2015) Decolonising Solidarity: Dilemmas and directions for supporters of Indigenous struggles in settler nations, London UK, Zed Books.

Foley, Gary, Andrew Schaap and Edwina Howell (eds) (2014). The Aboriginal Tent Embassy: Sovereignty, Black Power, Land Rights and the State, Routledge: London UK.

Foley, Gary with response by Tony Birch (2014). Tangled up in black: a journey through education and history (first edition) Flinders Lane, Victoria Surpllus Pty Ltd. in cooperation with the University of Melbourne.

Essays & books chapters

Birch, Tony 'Climate Change, Mining and Traditional Indigenous Knowledge in Australia', Social Inclusion, 2016, Volume 4, Issue 1, pp.92-101.

Birch, Tony, 'Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner are with us: mourning, memory and presence', Executed in Franklin Street, City Gallery, City of Melbourne, 26-1 February 2016.

Birch, Tony 'The Lifting of the Sky': Life outside of the Anthropocene, in Adamson, Jon and Michael Davis (eds). Humanities for the Environment: Integrating Knowledge, Forging new Constellations of Practice. Abingdon, Oxon; New York, NY: Routledge Earthscan, 2016.

Birch, Tony 'The Heart Will Quicken – the death and life of a fan', From the Outer, Black Inc. 2016, pp.31-44.

Birch, Tony 'Robyn Davidson's Tracks', Read Australia, Copyright Agency Limited, May 2015.

Birch, Tony 'Thomas Keneally's The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith', Australian Book Review, June-July 2015, pp.50-52.

Foley, Gary. 'ASIO and the Aboriginal Rights Movement 1951-1972' in Meredith Burgmann ed (2014) Dirty Secrets: Our ASIO files, NewSouth Publishing: Sydney NSW.

Foley, Gary (2014) 'A reflection on the first month of the Aboriginal Embassy' The Aboriginal Tent Embassy: Sovereignty, Black Power, Land Rights and the State, ed Gary Foley, Andrew Schaap and Edwina Howell, Routledge, London, UK.

Foley, Gary, Andrew Schaap and Edwina Howell (2014) Introduction to The Aboriginal Tent Embassy: Sovereignty, Black Power, Land Rights and the State, ed Gary Foley, Andrew Schaap and Edwina Howell. Routledge: London UK.

Foley, Gary with Carolyn D'Cruz 'Black Power and gay liberation: an interview with Gary Foley' Chapter 10 in After Homosexual: the legacies of gay liberation, D'Cruz and Pendleton (eds) Crawley, W.A. UWA Publishing, 2013.

Foley, Gary (2012). 'A short history of the Australian Indigenous resistance 1950-1990' in Alison Cadzow, John Maynard and Larissa Behrendt, Nelson Aboriginal Studies, Cengage Learning: South Melbourne.

Foley, Gary (2012). 'Richard Bell – Cosmic Avenger' in Richard Bell: lessons in etiquette and manners, Monash University Museum of Art – MUMA.

Howell, Edwina (2014) 'Black Power – by any means necessary' The Aboriginal Tent Embassy: Black Power, Sovereignty, Land Rights and the State, ed Gary Foley, Andrew Schaap and Edwina Howell. Routledge: London UK, pp.67-83.

Howell, Edwina and Schaap, Andrew (2014) 'The Aboriginal Tent Embassy and Australian Citizenship', in Engin Isin and Peter Nyers Routledge Handbook of Global Citizenship Studies, London UK: Routledge.

Land, Clare and Sophie Goldingay (2014) 'Emotion: the 'e' in engagement in online distance education in social work,' Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning, 18(2).

Land, Clare (2013) 'Moving from One Place to Another within a Colonizer Positioning,' in Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli and Bob Pease (eds), The Politics of Recognition and Social Justice, Routledge.

Land, Clare (2013) with Jen Margaret, 'Clare Land and Jen Margaret: researching and writing about non-indigenous allies/solidarity work,' in Jen Margaret, Working as allies: supporters of indigenous justice reflect, Auckland: AWEA.


Sovereignty, ACCA (Australian Centre for Contemporary Art) Melbourne, February 2016-March 2017, Paola Balla Co-Curator.

Homelands installation, Wominjeka Festival, FCAC (Footscray Community Arts Centre) Melbourne, 2016, Paola Balla curator.

Executed in Franklin Street; Honouring the Lives of Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner, two Tasmanian Aboriginal Men Publicly executed in Melbourne 1841, City Gallery, Melbourne, November 2015-February 2016 Paola Balla curator and artist.

Call From the West, group show, FCAC, curator Kimberley Moulton, Paola Balla artist.

In Good Company ProppaNOW, group exhibition, FCAC, Melbourne 2016, Vernon Ah Kee Curator, Paola Balla artist.

State of the Nation, Counihan Gallery, Brunswick, Melbourne, 2016, Kimberly Moulton curator, Paola Balla artist.

Reframed, Incinerator Gallery, Melbourne, 2016, Curator Kent Morris, Paola Balla artist.

Smoke & Mirrors, Art Realm, Maroondah Arts, Melbourne 2016, Curated by Lisa Byrne, Paola Balla, artist.

Her:Stories, solo exhibition, G1 & G2 galleries, 2016, Kingston Arts, Melbourne, Curator Justin Gaynor, Paola Balla artist.

West Projections, Projection Festival, Footscray, States of Blue celebrations, VU centenary, 2016. Curator Chantal Wynter, Paola Balla artist.

Kalina Yaryins (to love my sisters) solo exhibition, Tandanya Aboriginal Cultural Institute, Adelaide, December 2015-February 2016. Curator Troy Anthony Bayliss, Paola Balla artist.


Birch, Tony Du meme sang, Mercure De France, 2016.

Birch, Tony Broken Teeth, Cordite Press, 2016.

Birch, Tony Ghost River, University of Queensland Press, September 2015. Winner of the Victorian Premier's Award for Indigenous Writing.

Short fiction & creative non-fiction

Balla, Paola, 2016 'Get Me Out of Here', The Lifted Brow, issue 29, p.25-28.

Birch, Tony 'The Great Unmapping Project of 2016', Griffith Review, May 2016, pp.50-54.

Birch, Tony 'Death Star', Crime Scenes, edited by Zane Lovitt, Spineless Wonders, 2016, pp.103-116.

Birch, Tony 'Five Stars and a Kulin sky', Chart Collective, October 2015.

Birch, Tony 'China', Where There's Smoke: Outstanding Stories by Australian Men, Black Inc., 2015, pp.96-110.

Theatre & film

'Redfern Story'. ABC Documentary (2014) Darlene Johnson, director. Gary Foley contributor with Bostock, G. Bostock, B. Brown, A. Corpus, L. Crombie, M. Cullen, E. Dingo, G. Foley, M. Langton, R. Maza, L. Maza, B. Penrith and B Williams.

'Persons of Interest – Episode 3 Gary Foley' (SBS TV 2013). Haydn Keenan, director. Gary Foley, co-creator and subject. Smart Street Films/SBS TV. Winner of the Best Feature Documentary Film at the Film Critics Circle of Australia Award 2014.

'Foley', with Ilbijerri Theatre, Melbourne Festival October-November 2011 and Sydney Festival January 2012. Gary Foley writer, creator and sole performer. Rachael Maza artistic director, Jon Hawkes co-creator, Edwina Howell researcher.

Web articles

Balla, Paola, 2016 Tang Princess, Black on Rice edition, Peril Magazine.

Balla, Paola, 2016 Get Me Out Of Here excerpt, The Lifted Brow issue 29, digital edition.

Balla, Paola, 2016 Aboriginal Women Warriors, Country and Western and Brain Washing, The Lifted Brow.

Balla, Paola, 2015 Digging History, Weather Stations.

Birch, Tony 'The Tern,' Weather Stations – Writing Climate Change, October 2015, pp.48-54.

Foley, Gary and Elizabeth Muldoon, 'Pyning for Indigenous rights in the Australian Curriculum' The Conversation, 15 August 2014.

Land, Clare 2013, “I can't say I'm proud to be Australian”, Owning racism – Can we talk? A symposium for academics, service providers and arts practitioners, Symposium report. Immigration Museum, Melbourne.

Land, Clare with Jack Latimore, 2016 'Why another Royal Commission when the recommendations of the last one continue to gather dust?' IndigenousX, 31 July 2015. Republished on Zed Books blog 12 September 2016.

Land, Clare 'The spirit-murder of Adam Goodes', 2015.

Land, Clare 2015, 'Decolonising solidarity: How to not be accidentally annoying and racist when working with Indigenous people', EcoShout, 30 August 2015.