Victoria University Polytechnic builds on Victoria University's proud 100 year history of excellence in the delivery of vocational education, providing you with tailored, work-based and flexible courses.

We give every student, school-leaver, career-changer and those looking to move up in their career a personalised learning journey that recognises their unique skills, interests and learning styles.

Graduates are equipped with both the technical skills and thinking abilities needed to adapt and evolve in a modern work setting.

What you study today at Victoria University Polytechnic will take you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.

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Courses & training

Courses to get you working faster

Victoria University Polytechnic provides an education closely linked with industry so that you walk away with up-to-date skills and abilities ready to thrive from the get-go.

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Apprenticeships to give you hands-on experience

Victoria University Polytechnic apprentices learn in state-of-the-art facilities and are trained to work to the highest industry standards.


Courses for lifelong learning

By enrolling in a TAFE course at Victoria University Polytechnic, you'll open the door to further study.

See available pathways in Nursing, Paramedics, Early Childhood, Engineering, Youth Work and Logistics.


Courses to build the skills & productivity of your workforce

Your workforce is your most valuable resource.

Victoria University works with you to ensure that our training adds measurable value to your employees, their work and to your organisation.

Industry training

Skills & jobs centres

Skills and Jobs Centres are part of a state-wide Government initiative to provide prospective students and employers with free advice on training, job opportunities and links to other services available to help improve skills, careers and the workforce.

Eligibility exemptions

Vocational training is now more accessible, regardless of whether you hold a post-school qualification, or want to retrain for a different career path. Due to recent changes in government funding eligibility, students who were previously ineligible may now qualify. If you are eligible, the government will contribute to the cost of your course.

These exemptions are offered by Victoria University Polytechnic through its status as a Victorian TAFE provider. To find out more about this contact us on 1300 82 33 87 or see more information on Eligibility exemptions.