We caught up with successful alumnus Eoin McVeigh after he returned from working in London as a performance analyst, to take up a role with Australia's most successful rugby team.

He shares his top tips on getting the most out of the first year of uni.

Eoin's top 4 tips

1. Remember you’re not alone

In your first weeks, remember, you’re not the only one facing the daunting new world of university. Ask for help and advice from others – especially second-years who have just been in the same situation.

Eoin remembers the nerves he felt during the first days of his double degree in Sport Science and Psychological Studies: New location, new buildings and looming deadlines.

“That leap between high school and university seemed so big and scary.”

But after the first week, with the help of others, he understood how the schedule worked and was finding his way around campus like a boss.

“I realised that uni life was actually going to be a very liberating experience.”

2. Get flexible

Take advantage of any flexibility that your uni timetable allows to manage the rest of your life.

“VU’s flexible timetables gave me a lot of independence, and I was able to do things like watch lectures online, which made juggling work and study easier and less stressful,” explains Eoin.

With VU’s Block Model, you’ll experience a more-flexible schedule with the choice of either morning, afternoon or evening classes.

3. Be prepared, and make the most of student services

Start early on your assignments and use the many services available to help you ace your uni work.

“Mid-semester, when many assignments are due, I had a reality check and realised I needed to get my butt into gear. The best advice I can give is to start early,” says Eoin.

VU offers a range of services to help you in your studies, so make the most of them! There are study groups, private tutors, people who will proofread your work, study labs…the list goes on and on, so take advantage of it.

4. Get a taste for your career within your course

Think of every unit as a potential career, and work those placement opportunities.

“I got some great advice from a friend who said to try and think of every unit as a potential career.

“Pick an area of study that makes you excited and you want to learn more about – potential careers will reveal themselves.

“Throughout my studies, my practical placement at the Melbourne Rebels rugby club, and working at VU, I have gained a long list of skills that helped get me to where I am today. But the most important thing I acquired from my VU experience is the mindset that you get out what you put in. Opportunities may present themselves, but you have to be ready to make the most of them.”

VU Block Model

VU designed the VU Block Model with your needs in mind, to help you adapt to uni with less stress.

Studying one unit at a time (rather than four consecutively) every four weeks, you will be able to better focus on each topic.

The class groups are smaller so you can get one-to-one support from lecturers.

The flexible schedule is designed for you to enjoy your studies while attending to your everyday life outside of university.

Find out more about VU's Block Model, and how we are revolutionising the first year of uni for you with our First Year College.