In case you hadn’t heard (where have you been?) VU is one of the most culturally diverse education institutions in Australia – we even win awards for it!

But what are the real benefits of being a student in a multicultural classroom?

With more than 90 different cultures and 200 languages in the VU community, we left it up to our students and alumni to have their say – here are just a few reasons they love the international vibe.

1. Friends with cultural benefits

While she was a VU student, Mariam found the friendships she made with people from different cultures at VU enriched her uni experience:

“When you’re studying it’s so nice to have friends from different backgrounds. You learn about the world; it’s fun to experience new cultures. It definitely enhances the uni experience; you’re more aware of people and different backgrounds.”

Mariam Khattab, Bachelor of Youth Work, Master of Teaching (Secondary)

2. Reflecting the workplace

"VU represents a true cross-section of society, and courses from TAFE all the way to PhD," says Celil. 

"After high school I needed a place I could call home, and for me there is no better place than VU. As a person who was born in the west and educated in the west, for me VU was the obvious choice. I am now a leader in my community, actively engaging and volunteering in programs for youth.”

Celil Kardaslar, Bachelor of Laws

3. Cultural awareness & understanding

Sara developed a greater understanding of different cultures during her studies at VU - while enjoying sharing her own:

“VU’s cultural diversity teaches you a lot when you’re dealing with people from different backgrounds – you learn how to interact with people and be culturally sensitive."

"I’ve made lifelong friends here, people from all around the world, and that’s been one of the highlights of my uni experience. I love sharing my culture, too."

Sara Abbay, Bachelor of Business, Master of International Community Development

4. Gaining global perspectives & practices

Debbie's learning was enhanced by her peers from different backgrounds:

“I gained a lot from the different perspectives of my classmates."

"The diversity of the students – coming from all ages and backgrounds – helped me learn about different cultures, and business interactions I wouldn’t typically have in my professional life.”

Debbie Ruiz, Master of Business Administration

5. A fair & equal education

Olivia valued the cultural support at VU, particularly from the Moondani Balluk Indigenous Academic Unit:

“VU’s culture of equitable education allowed me to thrive."

"As part of my degree, I connected with Melbourne’s western suburbs Aboriginal community, and worked as an Indigenous program producer at Footscray Community Arts Centre."

"I also travelled to the US to visit with First Nations groups, and learned about Native American sites of resistance.”

Olivia Slater, Bachelor of Arts (the first Indigenous woman to undertake her PhD at Cambridge University, UK)

6. Belonging to something bigger

Bol gained academic and personal support and felt a true sense of belonging at VU:

“I chose Victoria University because of its inclusion and diversity. I felt a sense of belonging and was moved by the amount of support I received from lecturers and students in the early days, when I needed it most.”

Bol Mathiang, Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts

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Dr Teresa De Fazio, former manager of Cultural Diversity at VU says, “At VU that we take time to come together to celebrate the richness that each of us brings and how we are all working together to ensure that we contribute to a positive way to the community."

"Expressing our cultural diversity at VU means we get a chance to share our understandings, our ways of being and doing, our strengths and potential.”