An example of tunnel lining

Victoria University will host a workshop at its state-of-the-art structural fire-testing facility on Monday 11 April from 12-3pm at its Werribee West Campus.

The workshop is an opportunity to witness fire-testing of four different tunnel lining concrete mixes.

This is important as more cities in Australia and overseas dig deep underground to build congestion-busting car and train tunnels that risk collapsing during explosions or fires.   

VU’s NATA Structural Fire Testing Facility for tunnel infrastructures is unique in Australia, and the only laboratory in the country with the capability to test full-scale structurally loaded concrete tunnel segments under fire conditions.

Workshop host Associate Professor Maurice Guerrieri is a world expert in research that can be used worldwide to prevent concrete tunnels from collapsing due to explosions and fires.

View a video of VU’s structural fire-test facility.

 Contact Associate Professor Maurice Guerrieri for an event invitation at [email protected]

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