Free chargebars for your smart devices

You asked - we listened! Free chargebars are now available for your smart devices.

Based on your feedback from the 2016 ITS Service Quality survey, we have now installed recharge stations where you can recharge your mobile phone or tablet battery for free!

You can recharge any smart device, with attachments available for iPhone 3/4, iPhone 5/6/7, MicroUSB and MiniUSB.

Chargebars are available at 10 different locations across multiple campuses.

Find your nearest chargebar

City Flinders

  • Library Reception (Level 15)
  • Student Area (Level 9)

City Queen

  • Student Lounge Area (Basement)

Footscray Park

  • Cafe Area (Building M)
  • ITS Kiosk (Building P - Level 2, Library)
  • Reading Room Cafe (Building P - Level 1)

St Albans

  • Library Reception (Building 7)

Footscray Nicholson

  • Cafe (Telford Building - T132)


  • Open Access Computer Area (Building C, C201a)


  • Library Reception (Building 1A)

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We welcome your feedback, and are happy to answer any questions you may have about this service. To do so, please contact the Service Desk by emailing or phone +61 3 9919 2777 (select option 1).

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