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Access the new Library Guide about planetary health resources at VU to support your learning, teaching or research.
Tuesday 9 November 2021

Explore planetary health with Planetary Health resources at VU Library Guide .

This new Library Guide aligns with one of the core principles of Victoria University’s Strategic Plan 2022-2028 : “We commit ourselves to working for the health and sustainability of our planet”.

As part of this commitment, find out what planetary health resources are available at VU to support your learning, teaching or research. To access online resources, log in with your MyVU username and password.

Understand planetary health

Read the introduction by Jeannie Rea, Associate Professor and Course Chair, Graduate Certificate in Planetary Health, about the concept of planetary health and the meaning of ‘a place-based approach to planetary health’.

Discover VU Library resources, open access content and learning and teaching resources :

  • planetary health journal articles, teaching resources and e-books, and planetary health and Indigenous knowledges
  • databases and open access resources about planetary health
  • learning & teaching collection resources and journal articles focusing on planetary health.

Explore themes related to the Planetary Health Alliance focus and Victoria University priorities through a range of resources – selection of search links, e-books, journals, journal articles, streaming videos, VU research, open access collections and websites.


Access resources on urbanisation – sustainable and liveable cities, effects of urbanisation on poverty, equality and economic development, renewable energy, water supplies and provisions for sanitation and hygiene.

Changing environments

Find resources about changing environments – with a focus on challenges and solutions relating to climate change, water scarcity, biodiversity shifts, global pollution, and natural disaster.

Health & wellbeing

View resources relating to health and wellbeing within the context of planetary health – human health, communicable diseases, public health, non-communicable diseases, and COVID-19.

Changing land & food production

Access resources on changing land and food systems – planetary diet, muscular health and diet, nutrition and agricultural sustainability.

Changing populations

Find resources about changing populations and the impact of climate change – civil strife, economic deprivation, displacement through war, famine and persecution caused by scarcity of resources.