Dermal Clinic

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The Dermal Clinic provides the same treatments that would be performed by qualified dermal (skin) clinicians in private dermatology, plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery practices.

Staff, students and members of the public can use the clinics.

Skin health & therapy services

The Victoria University Dermal Clinic is a student-led clinic with treatments performed by students in the third and fourth year of the Bachelor of Dermal Sciences. All services are provided under the supervision of qualified dermal clinicians.

Our students use the highest quality medical grade equipment in a best practice environment under the supervision of qualified dermal clinicians.

The student dermal clinicians can assist with a range of common skin health problems and concerns including the following:

Dermal telehealth consultations

We are currently offering free telehealth consultations for new and existing clients.


Telehealth may be suitable for a range of conditions including general concerns regarding skin health or appearance, advice on skin care and home management strategies for inflammatory skin conditions and other skin concerns, such as:

  • acne
  • rosacea
  • eczema
  • psoriasis
  • pigment changes 
  • ageing and sun damage
  • skin cancer risk assessment
  • screening and skin changes associated with chronic health problems
  • wound healing
  • scar or oedema management.

Why book an appointment? 

In a telehealth consultation, your student dermal clinician may be able to provide you with assessment and management strategies, including:

  • instructions, resources and materials
  • skin health education
  • at-home and self-management strategies
  • development of care plan for future skin treatment
  • recommendations and referrals.

Our student dermal clinicians are in their third and fourth year of the Bachelor of Dermal Science and are fully supervised on campus by an experienced, qualified dermal clinician.


Cost: Telehealth sessions are currently free of charge
Duration: approximately 1 hour per session
Days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
Times: 9am–5pm

Gender clinic – affirmative skin health services

Our gender clinic provides the gender diverse community with cost effective, evidence based, inclusive skin health advice and services. At VU we believe diversity is a strength – the more diverse perspectives, identities, cultural backgrounds, ages and experience of our communities, the richer our life experience.

We strive to foster a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment where all students, staff and visitors to our clinics are respected, valued and empowered to thrive. Our staff and students at the Dermal Clinic undertake ongoing diversity and inclusion training.

Our services

We can support you with:

  • dermatological conditions
  • wound healing and scar minimisation
  • hair reduction/hair loss
  • tattoo removal or referral for reconstructive tattooing.

Who can access the gender clinic?

We are not limited to zoning or catchments. You can make an appointment whether you live in Melbourne, regional Victoria or even interstate.

Referrals & cost

Dermal clinicians are independent allied health professionals.

You can self-refer to our clinic, but if you have a letter of referral from the Monash Gender Clinic or your GP (or a student card or low-income healthcare card) we provide a further 50% discount on our already subsidised treatment costs.



Treatment cost is significantly lower than elsewhere because the treatments are performed by trained students under clinician supervision.

Your first consultation for any treatment is free.

Free treatments

  • current dermal science students and staff
  • models (approved).

50% discount

  • VU staff and students
  • low income card holders (student, pensioner, veteran etc.)
  • referral from medical or allied health professional as part of a chronic disease or disability plan.

40% discount

  • VU alumni
  • friends and family of dermal science students.



VU City Tower, City Campus
370 Little Lonsdale St
Level 19* (Clinic reception)
Melbourne CBD 3000.

Not all lifts in the building go to Level 19, make sure you choose the lifts labelled for floors 18-26. Once inside the lift, choose level 19. This video on YouTube shows you how to get to the clinic reception from ground floor.

Check the City Campus page for Google Maps and public transport information.



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